Sam + Macy Engagement | Dayton Engagement Photography

I love each and every couple I photograph, but I would be lying if I said that I didn't headhunt Sam and Macy from the moment I found out they were engaged. Macy is such a beautiful, vibrant soul, and I knew that Sam must be very special to have captured her. There was no way I could allow them to slip away to another photographer! And thus, my courting of Macy to be her photographer began.

And luckily, she obliged! :)

It's rare to find a couple that truly trusts me to take them all over Dayton, but Sam and Macy did just that. We started at Smith Gardens in Oakwood for some beautiful, summery shots, traveled to the Oregon District for more of an urban feel, and finished downtown at the Riverscape Metro Park for a few fun sunset shots. We shot and shot and shot, and we had a blast! It was truly a pleasure to photograph these two, and I'm so thankful they chose me as their photographer.

Sam and Macy, congratulations on your engagement, and enjoy the wedding planning process! June 20, 2015 will be here sooner than you can imagine!