Matt + Caitlyn Engagement | Dayton Engagement Photography

Matt & Caitlyn have to be one of the kindest couples I've had the pleasure of photographing. From playing in the rain, to fields, to fireworks, they were willing to try anything and have a blast doing it! Their love for one another and their playful nature made their session a joy to photograph.

On a nerd photographer side note, Matt & Caitlyn were the first couple I've attempted shooting a shot with the Brenizer Method, which in simple terms is taking a LOT of images, then stitching them all together to make one very large, otherwise impossible image. I am VERY thrilled with the results, and that image is the first one in the gallery. After stitching, the image is shot at what is the equivalent of shooting with a 25mm f/0.5 lens -- something that just doesn't exist in real life. So to say I'm beyond thrilled that they allowed me to try this method, and that it came out so well, is an understatement. Thank you, you two, for humoring me! :)

And, above all, CONGRATULATIONS! May 9, 2015 will come quickly! :)