Miles + Emilie | Dayton Engagement Photography

Miles and Emilie have to be one of the bravest, most trusting couples I've had the pleasure to work with to date. Meeting up for this portion of their engagement session, all I told Emilie was, "So there's this place I know of, and it has some really cool stuff like sunflowers, and woods, and a river. I have ideas. Wanna go?" And sure enough, the two of them were game.

And oh, how much fun we had! It's impossible to spend any amount of time with these two and not smile. Their joy is infectious, and within moments of beginning our session, they were laughing, smiling, and flirting with one another like I wasn't even there. They are absolutely a photographer's dream, and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next May.

Miles and Emilie, it was an absolute pleasure to get to spend the evening with you, traipsing through tall grass, wading through a river, and squelching through mud. Your love for one another is so apparent, and I hope that the beauty of your love for each other is evident in these images. It's an honor to be your photographer!