Weston + Nikki | Dayton Art Institute | The Greene | Dayton Engagement Photography

When I met Weston, he told me that he and Nikki were cheerleaders, and that they wanted to be sure to implement stunting in their photos. To which my reply was, heck yes! Any bride and groom that come to me with amazing ideas makes me such a happy photographer, and these two certainly brought energy and creativity to their session. So much so, that when I asked them to come prepared to jump into the fountain at The Greene, they were totally game.

And that was the moment that I knew I wanted to put them in my pocket. Seriously. These two possess endless energy, and their love and excitement to spend their lives together is so evident. They were constantly laughing, teasing, and playing with one another as though I wasn't there, which was so much fun to capture. And even when there was a concert going on at The Greene, with the area full of onlookers while we shot in the fountain, Weston and Nikki never lost their stride, even stunting in the fountain to cheers from the people around us.

Nah, I don't think these two have stage fright at all. :)

Weston and Nikki, congratulations on your engagement! It was so much fun to photograph your special moments, and I cannot wait to shoot your wedding next year! I can only imagine what's going to happen in a room full of stunting partners! :)