Griffin + Kendra | Phoenix Park | Clarion Hotel | Eau Claire Wedding Photography

It was an absolute honor to have the opportunity to shoot Griffin & Kendra's winter wedding in Eau Claire, Wisconsin a few weeks ago. Eau Claire has a special place in my heart, because it's where my husband and I began our own journey as a married couple. We started our family there, and because of that, we had the honor of knowing Kendra. You see, Kendra watched our son while we lived in Eau Claire, and my husband also taught her when she was in high school. We became good friends with her, and throughout the years and moves, we'd remained in contact. That's why, when Kendra and Griffin got engaged, I knew I needed to photograph her wedding!

When Kendra arrived at My Friend's Place to get her hair done, she was her usual collected self. Nothing shakes this woman, I'm telling you! Her maid of honor and twin sister, Reid, accompanied her, and we laughed as they prepared for the big day. After heading to the Clarion Hotel, I met up with Griffin to document his prep, and found him and his groomsmen in prayer. It was a wonderful way to start their journey, and it was evident how important their faith in God was to both Kendra and Griffin throughout the day.

And oh, how fun was the bridal party! They were a hilarious group, and SO willing to brave the cold for wedding portraits. You could tell they were truly Wisconsinites with the way they braved the Phoenix Park foot bridge, which is quite literally one of the coldest places in the United States according to a recent study. The average winter temperature in Eau Claire is 12 degrees Fahrenheit -- which made the 30 degrees feel like a day at the beach!

Once we'd frozen ourselves, we headed back to the Clarion for their ceremony, which was a sweet, intimate affair. While there were plenty of guests who took part in their day, it seemed as though they were all family; all supportive and elated for this new couple. It was a joy to watch and have an opportunity to document.

Congratulations, Griffin & Kendra! It was an honor to be your photographer, and I wish you many, many years of happiness, wherever the journey takes you!