Everyone wants to be sure to have everything you could need on your wedding day. But sometimes, the little things can slip your mind. Don’t let a minor item put a pause on your day. Check out these fourteen wedding must haves to be sure you don’t miss the little things on your wedding day, and get ready to start the adventure of a lifetime stress-free!

Before we dive in, though, I want to give a little pro-tip I’ve learned over the course of photographing weddings. With all of these wedding must haves, why not have one of your wedding party members be in charge of keeping track of a little bag with these items inside. That way you aren’t trying to track anything down, and your wedding party will be more than happy to help keep the wedding day moving seamlessly for you. Having a team around you of people who love you will undoubtedly make your day better — in more ways than one!

So without further ado, let’s dive in. And, when you’re finished, be sure to check out the other tips and tricks to a stress-free wedding day. Cheers!

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Some of these items might not seem like that big of a deal for a wedding day, but each and every one can be a life saver in a pinch. Check out these 14 must have wedding items to be prepared on your big day!
Life Saver #1: Mini Sewing Kit

One of the number one things that can happen on a wedding day is a wardrobe malfunction, and most times a simple sewing kit can save the day. Be sure to have a few neutral colors, as well as one that matches your dresses and/or tuxes. Chances are you won’t need it, but it’s a small item that will be a huge life saver if you do!

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You never know when a little clasp may break, or a hem might come undone. Having a mini sewing kit on hand will give you peace of mind for the what-ifs of apparel woes!
Life Saver #2: Tide Pen

Along the same lines of the mini sewing kit, a Tide pen can keep any surprise stains at bay! At some point, you or your wedding party will need to eat. Hopefully, no stains will befall you during those times, but having a Tide pen handy can help assuage the worry. (However, I’d still not recommend you eat anything with ketchup with a suit or wedding dress on, ha!)

Life Saver #3: Safety Pins

This is an item that really must be on the wedding must haves list! I can’t tell you how many times safety pins have saved the day at weddings. Basically, safety pins are the wedding day’s duct tape! Having a few of these on hand is super cheap, and can save a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t have a sewing kit on hand. But…you do, because you’re following this guide, right?! Still, having safety pins (and bobby pins, too!) on hand can save you some time when a hem breaks loose or a clasp gives up mid-reception.

Life Saver #4: Heel Protectors (To Stop Heels from Sinking in the Grass)

One of the biggest things I see forgotten that can be a huge wedding must have during an outdoor wedding are heel protectors. If you or your partner opt for heels, I highly recommend investing in a pair of heel stoppers like these to keep your heels from sinking in the grass. Many times it’s hard enough to navigate in heels; avoid making it harder outdoors with these life-saving little gadgets!

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Outdoor weddings are gorgeous and popular for a reason! However, sometimes heels can sink into the grass on the way to your ceremony. Invest in a handy pair of heel stoppers to stop this situation in its tracks.
Life Saver #5: Earring Backs

If you’re an earring person, chances are you’ll have special ones for your wedding day. And, one of the easiest things to lose on any day, let alone on your wedding day, are those tiny little earring backs. Be sure to grab a couple extras to keep handy not only for yourself, but for anyone else who might have a slip with their jewelry.

Life Saver #6: Lint Brush

These little things can go a LONG way, especially for dark suits and dresses! With many couples opting to have their pets with them for their big day, be sure to also have a lint brush/roller handy to keep the hair at bay. But don’t forget, these come in handy even if animals aren’t around! Stay hairs from you putting on your attire can stick around, and a lint brush is a wedding must have to keep you looking sharp.

Life Saver #7: Aspirin/Advil/Painkillers

Let’s face it: weddings can be a super amazing, but super stressful day. And, sometimes, when there’s stress, there can also be headaches. Additionally, headaches can be related to lack of water or food intake, which can also happen on a wedding day. Be sure to have a few travel packets of your painkiller of choice, just to be safe. No one has time to go down with a gnarly headache on your big day! (And also, make sure you’re hydrating and eating!)

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Keep those clothes pristine by keeping a Tide pen on hand, just in case!
Life Saver #8: Eye Drops

While you may not think of this one offhand, this is one that can really help! If you have an outdoor wedding, allergies can strike at any time. Or, if you’re prone to your eyes becoming a bit red after happy tears, these can be life savers. Regardless of the reason, eye drops can really help keep your eyes feeling and looking great on your wedding day.

Life Saver #9: Super Glue

Super glue is one of the wedding must haves that gets overlooked many times. You never know when a piece of jewelry may break, or when a heel might snap. Having super glue on hand is peace of mind for those “just in case” moments, and it’s super small to keep close by. Win!

Life Saver #10: Band-Aids/Moleskin Padding

Many times couples will choose to wait to use their shoes until the day of their wedding (Those red-bottom Louboutins have to stay pristine until the big day, right?!). Because of that, sometimes you may not have the opportunity to adequately break them in. Blisters are never fun, but you definitely don’t want them on your wedding day! Regardless of if you have a brand new pair of shoes, or ones you think are broken in, it’s never a bad thing to have a little Moleskin Padding and a pack of Band-Aids on hand, just in case.

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Let’s face it: while stylish, sometimes wedding shoes aren’t always the most comfortable. Ward off the blisters by keeping some moleskin on hand!
Life Saver #11: Toothbrush

Feeling fresh is important, and having a toothbrush on hand for one more quick brush before you walk down the aisle can be great! Grab a little travel toothbrush and toothpaste, just to keep you feeling great after sneaking a snack before the wedding.

Life Saver #12: Oil Absorbing Sheets

Sometimes, no matter how much matte makeup you have on, you’re going to sweat. Having a few oil absorbing sheets on hand can keep the sweat to a minimum. Not only will you feel better about yourself mentally, but you’ll have less shine in your wedding photos! Win!

Life Saver #13: Crochet Hook

This one is something I have put in my own camera bag for brides every weekend. Many times dresses may have loop buttons, and a crochet hook can help get those buttons taken care of in a flash! One of these can really speed up the button process as you put on your dress!

Life Saver #14: Protein Bars/Snacks

One of the easiest things to overlook when you’re preparing to walk down the aisle is a simple one: to eat! With all the excitement and the prep, it’s easy to forget to have a snack to keep your body going. Packing an simple snack like a protein bar or shake will make it easy to get some quick energy. And, while we’re talking about being sure to eat, make sure you hydrate, too! Those two simple things can easily be forgotten on a wedding day.

BONUS Life Saver: Chambongs

Okay, so maybe these aren’t necessarily life savers. However, I can tell you this: these amazing things can start a party! Hilarious, classy, and cute AF (according to them…and me, too, honestly), Chambongs will have your entire wedding party laughing and having a great time. Seeing these in action at a wedding I photographed had me laughing the entire time! I enjoyed them so much, I bought some for a friend getting married as a gift. If you’re a fan of champagne, or any other liquid, you can’t go wrong with this fantastic twist on a champagne flute!

Wedding Must Haves - Studio 22 Photography
If you’re a fan of hilarity in the classiest form possible, you’ve found your ace with Chambongs. Let the toasts begin — with a twist!

So there you have it, friends! Fifteen handy wedding must haves for your big day. What other things would you suggest for couples planning their big day? Anything you’ve thanked your lucky stars you had on hand? Leave some suggestions in the comments!

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