28 weddings. 6 countries. 3 continents. 1 crazy amazing year. The Best of 2019 is a wild one, for sure!

      When a year is as incredible as 2019 has been, how do I even begin to explain what it means to have been entrusted with so many incredible moments, invited into so many intimate spaces, and been blessed by so many people? It’s impossible to express my gratitude for my couples and the honor it’s been to capture their days, so I’m not sure it’s even fair to try.

      Ansel Adams is quoted as saying, “Twelve significant photos in any one year is a good crop.” So, what do you do when every wedding is absolutely incredible?! There are so many photos to share, it’s hard to cut it down to a “Best of,” when truly, you have the best couples around. Every wedding was significant, and I treasure the opportunity to create for couples each weekend.

      Every wedding was beautiful. Unique. A start to a new adventure. From the start of the year in Iceland, to the end of the year in Myanmar, this year has been full of adventures. To each and every couple who has entrusted me with your moments, THANK YOU. You make these images possible by believing in the process, and letting me be part of your days. I couldn’t do this without you.

      Additionally, there are so many people who make these photos come to life beyond just myself, and I would be remiss not to give a few shout outs to them for making Studio 22 run as smooth as it possibly can. Thank you will never be enough, but to these folks, I’m continually amazed and indebted:

      • To The Image Salon, and my incredible editor, Julia, who continually give me my life back so I can keep loving on my family and clients, thank you. You make my images look seamlessly perfect and keep my life going.
      • To DVLOP for having the most incredible presets — particularly the Two Mann Studios and Davina + Daniel sets that I’ve combined to make my own variety…thank you. You make my workflow so much easier.
      • To Camera Bits/Photomechanic for creating such an intuitive workflow process for culling. Without you guys, I’m pretty sure 5-8K photos per wedding would be insanely more difficult to navigate!
      • Cloudspot, you’ve made gorgeous online galleries for every client that walks through the door. You make it easy for them to see their photos, order prints, and share their moments with their loved ones. Thank you for all you do.
      • To Fundy Software, who makes it incredibly easy to create KILLER albums for my couples in lighting speed — you guys are amazing. Even if you made me jump out of a plane, I still love you.
      • Blacksmith Print Co., what can I say? You make the BEST albums on the planet, and I’m pretty sure my couples would agree. You’re the epitome of customer service, and I love every masterpiece you craft for my clients. You rock.
      • Profoto — you are unbelievably cool. This year you’ve single handedly revolutionized the way I play with light, and I’m eternally grateful for EVERYTHING you’ve done. If it’s a flash photo, it’s lit with Profoto. Eric, you’re a saint. You know this. But truly, you and your team are incredible.
      • To Light & Motion, your team brought me into constant lights with tenacity that I never would have expected. You champion your gear, and I’m thankful for it — you’ve made my work infinitely better. Thank you for making me see “the light,” ha!
      • To MagMod, for making killer lighting modifiers that make it possible to create rad images with a crazy quickness. You guys turn any situation into an opportunity for creativity with your modifiers.
      • To Sony, for opening my eyes to possibilities beyond my dreams, thank you. You gave me wings. I can’t wait to fly with them.

      So, without further ado, I’ll try to share the best of 2019 in images. Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every couple. You’re what makes this adventure possible, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 holds.


      couple walking on crashed airplane in Vik Iceland

      Studio 22 Photography - Trisara Phuket Thailand Wedding

      Dad crying FaceTime at father daughter dance

      bride and groom crowd surfing at wedding

      Bride and Groom kissing in greenhouse

      man hairsprays his hair before his Chicago wedding

      Brides lounging on the beach holding hands

      Silhouette of bride and groom through tree leaves

      Bride and Groom laying down under spiral steps

      West Virginia Wedding Photos

      Woman takes shower before wedding

      Lookin Good Mural Cincinnati

      Wedding Couple looking at one another

      Phuket Destination Wedding - Wedding Venues in Phuket Thailand

      Bride and groom paddle board together

      Wedding couple in front of the Bean in Chicago

      Couple embraces by red wall

      Two men dancing

      Wedding couple in van kissing

      Bride reading wedding day letter

      Wedding guest drinking tequila out of squirt guns

      Bride and groom snuggling by bonfire

      Bride and groom pop confetti

      Flower Girl leaning over railing for flower basket

      Bride and Groom see each other for the first time

      Bride walks down the aisle to her bride

      Bride and groom laughing in parade in New Orleans

      Wedding guests dance

      Groom lifted up with hands in air

      Cincinnati Wedding Photographer - Superhero Theme Groomsmen

      Groom dipping bride on dock at sunset

      Bride dancing on dance floor

      Studio 22 Photography - Dayton Wedding Photographer

      Bride and Groom sitting on doorstep

      Couple running through Champagne tunnel

      Summit Chapel Cincinnati - I do Wedding & Events

      Bride lying on black sand beach

      Weddings in West Virginia

      Brides have first look in garden

      Studio 22 Photography - Destination Wedding Photographer

      Groomsmen toast whiskey

      Bride and groom exchange letters

      Bride reads wedding vows to step children

      Bride and groom entering wedding reception

      Bride and groom kiss during first dance

      Bride touches groom's face under wedding veil

      Couple drinks champagne at wedding reception

      Weddings in Chicago - Creative Wedding Photos

      Groom ties Batman tie

      Bride and groom dance at night

      Couple marries in Cancun, Mexico

      Bride and groom exiting through sparkler tunnel

      Groom and groomsman get ready

      bride and groom embracing with veil blowing in wind

      Little boy watches bride and groom

      Wedding Venues in Dayton - Studio 22 Photography - Top of the Market Weddings

      Wedding guest dancing

      Couple lying in vineyard

      Couple kissing with sparklers around them

      Little girl poses for photo booth

      Bride laughing in modern greenhouse before her wedding

      Bride and groom saying wedding vows

      Bride getting makeup applied

      Bride and groom in a theater

      Two brides walk down aisle together

      women kissing at wedding with confetti



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