Josh + Andrea | Top of the Market | Dayton Wedding Photographer

There’s not much that makes me nervous when I walk into a wedding at this point, but to say I wasn’t a little nervous while having the honor of photographing a wildly talented photographer’s wedding would be a lie. Josh is a fantastic photographer himself, and add in the fact that we had the opportunity to do their portraits in the up-and-coming Steam Plant, one of the newest wedding venues in Dayton, it was such a fantastic wedding day. Getting the opportunity to capture his and Andrea’s moments for them was a pleasure and honor I won’t forget, and you simply must check out their wedding! 

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Doug + Brooke | Naples Wedding Photographer

Brooke is one of my good friends, and when she asked me if I’d be willing to come down and photograph hers and Doug’s vow renewal, I was beyond honored. When she told me it was going to be decked to the hilt with amazing details, fantastic vendors, and have a “to death,” Edgar Allen Poe vibe, I about died, pun intended! Brooke has amazing style, and I knew she would create a stunning backdrop for her special day...and I knew I had to capture it perfectly! 

From the moment I walked into Doug + Brooke’s room at the Indigo Hotel, I could feel their excitement. And, even though they’ve been married 10 years, there were excited nerves as well! It was so fun to have them get ready in the same room with their kids and our mutual friend, Anna, and just be a part of the process. Their fun loving, laid back nature made the day a blast to capture, and their trust in me allowed me to dive right into their lives and capture their essence, which I loved. 

And, let’s discuss everything that went into this day becoming a reality. One of the things that happens after being a wedding photographer, is you start to know EXACTLY what you want in your own wedding, whether you’ve had one or not! And, connecting with some of the most amazing vendors in the Naples area through working with them, Brooke knew exactly who to call upon to create her vision for their vow renewal...and it was PERFECT! 

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12 Great Dayton Engagement Photo Locations (And Some Pro Tips to Make the Most of Your Engagement Session!)

Getting engaged is an exciting time in your life, and one of the most fun aspects can be your engagement photos! Finding the best wedding and engagement photographer for your needs is extremely important, and that can be a conversation in and of itself, but once you've found the best photographer for you, the next step is finding a great location for engagement photos. Having photographed numerous engagement sessions in Dayton, I can say there are loads of great spots to go for your engagement photos. Hit the jump to see 12 of my favorite locations in Dayton for engagement photos! 

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Nick + Erica | Dayton Engagement Photographer

On Super Bowl Sunday, the best way to pregame engagement session! Nick + Erica drove up to Dayton to hang with me, and we made the most of a cold afternoon, hitting some of my favorite places in Dayton, as well as finding a few new spots. And, while the Super Bowl was great, I think we won the afternoon with all the great images we created together!

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Nick + Rami | Coldstream Country Club | Cincinnati Wedding Photography

Nick + Rami, and their families, truly embody genuine affection for one another. Their trust and openness to share their love for one another, and allow Chad and I to capture it, was a blast, and at every turn it felt as though we were laughing more and more. From the heartfelt first look (which was amazing to watch as Rami walked down the stairs of Coldstream Country club, to Nick's stunned reaction to seeing her for the first time), to the fun we had wandering Cincinnati with their bridal party to capture portraits, to the amazing toasts and dance party that ensued (and let's not forget the joy ride in the golf cart, with all the guests cheering them on!), to the grand finale of surprise fireworks, every moment of their wedding day was a treat to capture. It's rare to encounter such genuine, beautiful people, but these two are two of the best I've ever met. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their adventure, and really, I'm beyond words on how much fun they were.

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Dominic + Dana | Dayton Engagement Photographer

Dominic + Dana are two super rad people. They’re not rad just because they’re two of the bravest souls I’ve met, venturing out with me on an 18* F day...and they’re not just rad because they both dig coffee on the level that I do (which is to say, a lot)...they’re rad because they are two amazingly awesome human beings, who are a blast to hang out with — in all temperatures, to boot!  

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Connor + Jenny | Bay Preserve at Osprey | Sarasota Wedding Photographer

As a destination wedding photographer, every wedding I photograph is special and important. It's an honor to be there, and I never want to miss a moment for my couples. However, when your oldest friend gets engaged, asks your son to be the ring bearer, and then asks you to be the Matron of Honor -- AND the photographer -- it's a new level of responsibility, let me tell you!

With Connor being a Florida native, and Jenny having moved there as well, it made sense they would have their destination wedding in Sarasota, near Connor's family. After finding their perfect venue in the Bay Preserve in Osprey, Jenny finding the most gorgeous Spanish wedding dress to tie in her family roots, and her keeping true to her fun loving nature by hooking her bridesmaids up with Chuck Taylors, the stage was set for a beautiful, fun day!

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Best of 2017 - Couples

In 2017, not only did some amazing couples get married, a lot of amazing couples invited me into their worlds to capture them in all stages of their relationships, and to be able to travel the world, get to know these incredible souls, and connect with them was a huge honor. Sessions like these are such a blast, because it's an opportunity to see two people in love simply be themselves, with no stress or anywhere else to be, and many times, some of the best images come when people are just being themselves. That's what I love to do with couples as we work together -- create images that encompass THEM, that celebrate them, and tell their stories.

Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, Squamish, Washington D.C., Cincinnati, Columbus...those are just a few of the places we roamed together. 2017 was full of stories, and again, it's nearly impossible to choose favorite images out of the thousands upon thousands delivered, but below you'll find just a few of the pieces of a beautiful tapestry of life. These share their stories, and I'm so honored to have been a part of their lives.

2017, you were fantastic. 2018, let's make some more magic!

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Best of 2017 - Weddings

Washington. Ohio. Illinois. Kentucky. Florida. Across the country, love won, celebrations were loud, emotions were real, and being able to be a part of the joy and joining of lives embarking on the biggest adventure yet was an honor beyond words. Being a destination wedding photographer is one of the biggest blessings I could have ever imagined. It's a joy to call this my career, and in 2017, I met so many wonderful couples, captured so many amazing memories, and felt so blessed to meet each and every person each weekend. It's hard to really know how to put into words how amazing a year 2017 was for weddings, but thankfully, I don't have to try too hard. Instead, I'll allow the images below to do the talking. But, before I go, I simply want to say this:

To each and every wedding couple in 2017, THANK YOU. You made this year possible, and with over 20,000 images delivered, it felt impossible to pick just a handful that represented what an epic year this was. Your trust, your joy, and your belief in me made these images possible. Your realness and your welcoming spirits allowed me to capture such amazing moments for you. I cannot ever adequately explain how much I appreciate each and every one of you, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds in 2018. So, with 2017 at a close, I present to you...the best of 2017: the Wedding edition. :) 

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Jake + Leiah | Dayton Wedding Photographer

Jake + Leiah are two seriously amazing people. I’ve had the honor of knowing Leiah for a few years, and getting to know her, Jake, and their families has been a wonderful journey. So, when they gave me the honor of capturing their incredible engagement session, I told them I simply had to capture their wedding day if at all possible. And, when a turn of events allowed me to be available for their wedding day, it was like Christmas had come early to reconnect with these two and capture their day for them!

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Gear Review: Sony A9

A small body that packs a punch, it gives me the same excitement I felt the first time I picked up a D750 — but in even better, and unique ways. While other mirrorless cameras have had positive aspects, none have truly felt like a complete camera for my personal use. The Sony A9 changes that; with its amazing EVF, literally silent electronic shutter, gorgeous colors straight out of camera, amongst other amazing aspects, this camera excites me and allows me to create stronger images for my clients. Add in the fact that the size makes it a winner for personal use, and this camera might just be exactly what I've been missing, and never realized it. Want to read more in-depth? Hit the jump for my personal opinions on some of the elements I find to be key to my work, and see if the Sony A9 might be the camera for you!

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Jacob + Gabby | Warrenwood Manor | Lexington Wedding Photographer

Crisp, autumn, vibrant autumn tones...beautiful, historic farmhouse...if this sounds like the perfect backdrop for a wedding day, you'd absolutely be correct. Jacob + Gabby had one of the most beautiful, quintessentially Southern, charm-filled weddings you can imagine at Warrenwood Manor in Danville, Kentucky, and beyond the beauty, Jacob + Gabby are such a blast, and their family and friends are simply a joy to celebrate with! Hit the jump to see how amazing their day was, and leave them some love!

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Daniel + Hannah | Bryn Du Mansion | Columbus Wedding Photographer

When I think of fantastically fun couples, Daniel + Hannah immediately come to mind. These two, and their families and friends, are some of the most wonderful people I've gotten to spend time with, and their wedding at Bryn Du Mansion was truly a joy to be a part of. From their joyful first look, through the fantastic karaoke at the reception, every part of their day was a blast to capture. Hit the jump to see their day!

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Aaron + Dashí | Downtown Chicago | Chicago Couples Photographer

Sometimes, there are couples that you just absolutely cannot get enough of. Couples that are hilarious, down for anything you can think up, and just a joy to hang with. Aaron + Dashi are that kind of couple, and to say that it was a blast to hang with them in Chicago and capture their day would be an absolute understatement. Not only are these two a blast to hang with, but with both of them being extremely talented dancers, they had some of the most playful photos...which culminated in a hilarious pillow fight! I'll let you be the judge of who won...enjoy these photos and leave Aaron + Dashi some love! 

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