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Tanner + Aubin | Iceland | Destination Couples Photographer

Iceland. The land of fire and ice. The land where you can drive a mile, and the weather changes from one season to the next.

The land where some of the best memories I’ve ever made on a shoot happened.

From the moment I stepped off the plane and connected with Aubin + Tanner, the adventure was on. The entire trip was magical, and Aubin + Tanner made an already beautiful place even more amazing simply by being incredible human beings themselves. Together, they are adventurous, funny, and ready to wander. Each day we found a new place to explore, and stopped along the way at spots we loved, adventured into ice caves on top of volcanoes, got stuck in a massive, sudden blizzard, found hidden hot springs in the sides of mountains, and enjoyed hot tubs while it was still light out at 11 pm.

Hit the jump to see just a tiny piece of the adventure of a lifetime, and see how amazing Tanner, Aubin, and Iceland are!

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Michael + Natalie | Los Angeles Couples Photographers

Not only did Michael + Natalie come to the day totally ready to slay, we managed to hit every spot we'd hoped to hit, and made some absolutely INCREDIBLE images in each location, both of them together as a couple, and individually for them as marketing and branding images for their social media pages. Was the day long? Incredibly. Were we ready for bed afterward? I'd say I'm safe in saying we all passed out hard and fast that night. But was it a blast to wander all over Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, see new places, eat great food, and have great conversations with incredible people? Abso-freaking-lutely. Would I do it again? Michael + Natalie, let me know when you're ready, and I'll be on a plane immediately.

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Garrick + Natalie | Squamish Couples Photography

It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest is my absolute favorite place for wedding, engagement, and couples’ photos, so when Garick + Natalie asked me if I’d wander with them in Squamish, I was beyond excited! And, as we explored the area with my wonderful friend, Olivier, we saw some of the most beautiful areas and created some fantastic images to capture their moments for them. 

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Danny + Mayra | Estancia San Jose, Cuenca, Ecuador | Destination Wedding Photographer

There are few things greater than having the honor of photographing the best day of someone's life thus far, regardless of who it is, or where it is located. However, when being a destination wedding photographer coincides with the opportunity to photograph someone's wedding who you feel is like a second brother to you, it's even more emotional, and even higher of an honor, if even possible. And, when Danny asked me to photograph his wedding to Mayra in Ecuador, it was one of the biggest honors I've had as a destination wedding photographer. Danny and Mayra are dear to my heart, and their fearlessness and creativity made for one of the most fun weddings I've been able to document!

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Mike + Christy | Paris, France

What comes to your mind when you think of France? For me, I think of the pastries, the fashion, the history. I think of Paris and the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. I think of the lock bridge. But what I didn't think of, was just how cool the back streets of Paris could be. The places that are less touristy, and more of the every day life of a Parisian. So, when I connected with Mike + Christy, and they were game to show me some of "their" Paris, I was absolutely game...and I think we created some great images from it!

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Ecuador is one of the most dearest places on earth to me. It was where I discovered my love for people. It was where I met two of the most fantastic people, who have become my mentors, and have opened my eyes to so much. It changed my worldview, and it changed my heart. Ecuador is most definitely home to me, and this past November, I was able to share the beautiful people, culture, and country with my husband, Matt, for the first time. 

This visit was focused on revisiting friends, helping with the Children of Promise program, and simply taking a step back from the busyness of life to focus on what's most important. Being in Ecuador makes me remember how important it is to simply "be". Be joyful. Be in the moment. Be thankful for everything. Be a better spouse, friend, and storyteller. There are so many stories to be told. My hope is to tell some of them about the people of Ecuador. 

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