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Fun Top of the Market Wedding: Cord + Haley

Top of the Market is one of the best wedding venues in Dayton, so any time I have an inquiry for a wedding there, I know that the wedding couple is going to be amazing. Cord + Haley proved this theory right once more, by proceeding to have one of the most fun weddings at Top of the Market to date! From football in the snow, to quiet, beautiful moments before the ceremony, to the raucous wedding reception at the end, these two know how to have fun, and it was a joy to be their wedding photographer!

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Beautiful Knowles Memorial Chapel Wedding: Ryan + Jacci

Orlando is full of amazing places to have a wedding, and the Knowles Memorial Chapel is one of the best Orlando wedding venues you can imagine. With the stunning stained glass, beautiful grounds, and on the campus of Rollins College, there are plenty of beautiful places for wedding portraits, and we definitely took advantage of them during Ryan + Jacci's wedding day!

As a professional wedding photographer, it's one of my greatest joys to be invited into a group of friends and get the honor of photographing multiple friends' weddings. I met Ryan + Jacci while photographing Connor + Jenny's wedding in Naples, Florida, and when it came time for their turn, it was an honor to be asked to come back to Florida for their wedding!

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Elegant Wedding at Orrmont Estate

all weddings are always a favorite for both couples and professional wedding photographers alike, thanks to the beautiful fall foliage and perfect temperatures for outdoor weddings, and the Orrmont Estate boasts some of the most beautiful scenery for a Dayton wedding venue. True to form, the Orrmont Estate provided a beautiful backdrop for a gorgeous September wedding day, and it was an honor to get to be their wedding photographer!

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Rocky + Cassie | Krippendorf Lodge | Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

What do you get when you have a gorgeous wedding venue like the Krippendorf Lodge, the perfect autumn day in Cincinnati, and a group of the most rad human beings you could ever hope to spend a day with? You get the perfect combination that makes up Rocky + Cassie’s amazing wedding day, that’s what! Words don’t begin to do these two and their lovely friends and family justice, but hopefully I can try, and then share a few of the images we created as proof of how awesome they really are. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Tyler + Taylor | Canyon Run Ranch | Dayton Wedding Photographer

Tyler + Taylor are two of the most laid back, fun-loving people I've met, and their spirit of adventure is inspiring -- and something I love in every couple I meet! When their wedding day was a little wet, to say the least, there were people who wondered if they would opt against their fairytale wedding in the woods at Canyon Run Ranch. However, for them, it was a no-brainer: they'd dreamed of this day, of this wedding, and they were going to follow that dream, no matter how it unfolded. So when it rained...and rained...and rained some more, they let everyone know they were welcome to come play in the rain, and that's just what we did...and man, was it amazing!

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Dillon + Corrie | Top of the Market | Dayton Wedding Photographer

What do you say when you have a couple that had a wedding that was beyond words? When they are an incredible couple, inside and out, have an unbelievably fun family and friend base, and the entire day is a blast...and then something crazy happens on top of all the awesome that has already happened, and you wind up capturing something that goes viral, shocking all of you with the crazy response from the Internet? embrace it, celebrate the craziness, and then post a blog to prove that not only was there a crazy singular moment in their day, but that they had a CRAZY. AWESOME. WEDDING. the entire day! 

Dillon + Corrie are two incredible human beings. They're fun, creative, game for whatever, and just really wonderful people to hang out with. I knew this from their engagement session, but they took it up a notch on their wedding day, having a spectacular Dayton wedding by hopping all over town and hitting some of the best spots for portraits, moments abounded, and then said, "I do," and celebrated all night at Top of the Market! From start to finish, their day was a blast to capture alongside my talented friend, Josh Farr, and I think once you check out the photos, you'll see why we love these two.

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Patrick + Andrea | York Golf & Tennis Club | Boston Wedding Photographer

Welcome to York, Maine! A beautiful little town on the east coast, I'd never been north of New York City before Pat + Andrea invited me to capture their fantastic wedding day at the York Golf & Tennis Club. Flying into Boston, I was overwhelmed by the big city and busyness of life, but as I drove out and headed north, the busy life quickly faded behind me in the rear view mirror, as I was welcomed into the smaller town, east coast living that Maine claims as "the way life should be"....and I can't argue with them! It's beautiful, serene, and the kindness from everyone is palpable -- both outside of the wedding, but especially those attending Pat + Andrea's day, and man, was it a blast getting to capture every moment for them on their fantastic day!

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AJ + Kriscinda | Dayton Wedding Photographer

Blank checks are pretty amazing. The possibilities are endless, your mind is running, and you're imagining what you could do with such a thing, right? Blank checks are awesome...especially if you can cash them in! In the case of AJ + Kriscinda, they gave me a blank check to do whatever I'd like on their wedding day in regards to photography, and you better believe that sucker got cashed! These two had one of the most fun weddings of the year, and it was an absolute blast to get to hang and capture it for them.

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Caleb + Morgan | The French House | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

When your wedding coincides with the Royal Wedding, a bar is set. And not only did Caleb + Morgan rise to that challenge, they set a whole new level of awesome in the process! These two made French Park in Cincinnati a stunning backdrop for their wedding day, and it was an absolute blast getting to capture their day for them!

The French House, nestled in the French Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a gorgeous brick home with a beautifully manicured lawn, creating the perfect setting for a brunch wedding. Morgan was up bright and early getting ready, so I made my way down to capture it all for her. From the incredible cookies that may have become breakfast (I plead the fifth!), to the ridiculous amount of fun Caleb's a cappella group was at the reception, every step of their wedding day was fantastic!

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Kenton + Sarah | 3 West Club | New York City Wedding Photographer

Welcome to New York City...the Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, and the epic location of Kenton + Sarah's fantastic wedding over Memorial Day Weekend! When they shared their vision for their wedding day with me -- complete with a fun picnic in Bryant Park before the ceremony -- I knew we would have a blast. And did we ever! These two are so fun, so full of joy, and so ready to share that joy with everyone around them, that it's impossible to not catch that infectious happiness they give to everyone they see. From start to finish, Kenton, Sarah, their family, and friends were such fun to spend the day celebrating alongside, and the true love and support their family and friends provide Kenton + Sarah is incredible.

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Nick + Erica | Aston Oaks Golf Club | Cincinnati Wedding Photographers

There are few days as special as a wedding day in someone's life, and having the honor to document such a momentous occasion is something that will always be an honor, no matter how many times I have the opportunity to do so. Getting the chance to celebrate and capture Nick + Erica's wedding day at Aston Oaks Golf Club in Cincinnati was truly a blast for many reasons, with the fact that they (and their loved ones!) are genuinely some of the most incredibly kind, genuine hearted people I've had the chance to work with being only the tip of the iceberg!

Smiles were abundant everywhere on this gorgeous spring Saturday, and it was a true joy to get to capture the bustling preparation, the laughter, the nerves, happy tears, and the sheer joy throughout the day. Erica got ready at her parents' home, while Nick prepared at their home a few blocks away. Both groups were a blast to hang with, and you can tell how much their family and friends love and support them. From the heirlooms passed down, like Erica's beautiful pearl necklace that both her mother and grandmother wore on their wedding days, to the sentimental gifts like Nick's cufflinks that share Erica's love for Disney with her groom, everything had a place and a piece in making their own story come to life.

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Forget The Knot! Real Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer, By A Wedding Photographer

You're engaged! Congratulations! It's an insanely amazing time for you and your partner, and in many instances, the first time you two might be in front of a professional photographer. That's something that many people aren't accustomed to, and you want to find the right wedding photographer for your day. There are plenty of sources out there that give you a checklist of what questions to ask your photographer, and many of them can actually hinder your experience as you search for your wedding photographer versus elevating it. As a wedding photographer with , I thought what better way to debunk a lot of useless questions, as well as give the RIGHT questions to ask your potential wedding photographer. You know, the ones we wish you'd ask, and the ones that really tell you what you need to know about us. So, without further ado, let's jump into it!

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