Dylan + Megan | American Sign Museum | Cincinnati Engagement Photography

Dylan and Megan are such a fun couple! These two brought their A game when we met in Cincinnati for their engagement session, and their images show it.

When I first met the two of them, I knew they'd be a blast. From their love of Psych that they've imparted onto me (I *will* find a place to hide a pineapple at your wedding, you two. Prepare yourselves!), to their fun-loving nature that simply makes you want to smile when you're around them, these two know how to make an engagement session a blast.

We began our session in the morning at Ault Park, which is one of my favorite Cincinnati wedding and engagement locations. It's simply beautiful, and there are so many opportunities to create unique, diverse images. We wandered here for a bit, enjoyed a nice morning, and then headed over to the American Sign Museum, which is seriously one of the most fun places I've seen in Cincinnati! The entire place is packed full of neon signage, and even outside, you'll find signs that no longer work, or perhaps they're swapping out. The place is a treasure trove of opportunity, and Dylan and Megan absolutely killed it. Every idea I tossed at them, they were fantastic and ran with, and it was truly a pleasure to get to capture their engagement session for them.

Dylan + Megan, thank you so much for entrusting me with your engagement photos! I can't wait for your wedding, because I know it's going to be AMAZING! Now, where to hide that pineapple... ;) 

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