Changlin + Linlin | Alum Creek State Park | Columbus Engagement Photography

Changlin & Linlin are living proof that no matter what the temperature, you can still make beautiful photos happen. We went out and wandered Alum Creek State Park in Delaware, Ohio, on what possibly might have been the coldest session I've ever had. When I checked the weather app at one point, it said it was 2 degrees, but felt like -6. Definitely NOT ideal photography weather, but looking at these two, you'd never know! They rocked their photos, even opting to go out onto a frozen lake at one point. Their dedication to awesome photos was amazing.

And what a great couple they are! Changlin was a total gentleman throughout the session, carrying Linlin through the snow to avoid her dress getting snowy or wet on the bottom, keeping her warm and offering his coat between locations. He's definitely proof that chivalry is not dead, and it was a true pleasure to watch these two interact with one another.

Next month they'll be making the trip to China to be married with their family and friends, and I loved hearing about the different customs a traditional Chinese wedding contains. It's definitely something I hope someday to be able to document! Congratulations, you two, and safe travels next month!

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