Jimmy + Cat | John Bryan State Park | Dayton Couples Photography

Jimmy + Cat are just plain adorable together. Simple as that.

Growing up, Jimmy and I went to school together, so I have known him for quite a while. When I saw he was coming from California to visit Ohio, and he was bringing Cat, I immediately asked him if he'd like to go wander in the woods and let me shoot them...and I asked it just like that! You see, Jimmy has an amazing sense of humor, and is one of the kindest men I've known. He in turn agreed without hesitation, and didn't seem to worry about the way I'd worded my request at all. If he did, he didn't tell me! (And he probably didn't tell Cat the way I'd asked, either, ha.)

Yellow Springs is a bit of a hidden gem of a place to shoot in Ohio, in my opinion. There are so many places that are untouched by industrialism, the trees are mature and the trails wind through them like tributaries. It's easy to head into the woods, enjoy the serene moments, and forget the time. And, in our instance, I think the stolen moments for Jimmy and Cat display that, even if Cat was convinced that Ohio was a frozen tundra. You California folks have a rough life out there on the West Coast! ;)

Jimmy and Cat, thank you for allowing me to capture you two while you were in Ohio visiting. It was truly a pleasure, and hopefully next time, I can come to you and shoot! :)