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One of the most beautiful things in life is the human connection. Sometimes we connect with others on purpose, other times by chance. But regardless of the connection, it's a joy to be able to connect with others, and capture those connections between two people in love! One of my favorite things is meeting fantastic people by happy accident. I met Greyson in Starbucks, where he works as a barista, and we hit it off through my frequent visits (I really do have a problem, ha). We became friends, and when we crossed paths at a wedding and I met his boyfriend, Alex, I told them they really had to come hang out with me for a shoot one evening...and when it all worked out, it was a total blast! These two are so much fun, and it was a blast getting to wander new places and try new things with two incredible people.

We started off our session with a bang -- or more accurately, a buzz! -- when walking through tall grass at one of my "usual" spots, we happened to disturb a nest of ground bees. Definitely not the start we'd been planning on, but we absolutely got our cardio in for the night as we sprinted from the location, swatting away and trying to avoid the angry bees. Not to be deterred, though, we found a new spot of grass in a new location, and tried once more, venturing into the grass a little more cautiously to say the least! But, the result was gorgeous! These two aren't capable of taking a bad picture, but they certainly looked perfectly at peace as we laughed and hung out in near the Bergamo Center in Beavercreek, enjoying the summer sun and catching their connection with one another.

And, once we finished up there, we headed to The Greene, a local outdoor mall area, for some more fun! It's a location I've always wanted to play with, because of all the potential, but haven't had much chance to. So when I suggested the area to Alex + Greyson, they were totally game, and off we went! Stopping for a coffee at Starbucks (of course!), we took a break for a while as we waited for the sun to set for some nighttime portraits, and throughout the evening, it was a joy to chat with the two of them, learn more about them and what makes them tick, and capture their love. It was definitely a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening, and I can't wait for another opportunity to go out and wander Dayton with them again!

Greyson + Alex, thanks so much for being game to wander and play, and thanks for sharing your connection with me! I'm so thankful our paths crossed, and I look forward to adventuring with the two of you again in the future! (And thanks for the beer! You know the way to my heart, ha!) 

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