Jeff + Lynne | Dayton Engagement Photography

What can I say about Jeff + Lynne? They're awesome! Getting the opportunity to photograph another photographer was a blast, and also a little nerve-wracking, but when I met them, they immediately felt like old friends, and it was truly a joy to get to capture their engagement photos as we wandered downtown Dayton.

Lynne is a photographer and nurse, and Jeff is in the Air Force, and the two of them together is simply adorable. The fun these two have, and the obvious affection they have for one another is palpable, and quite fun to document! You can't help but laugh with them as they make jokes, and I'd catch myself just listening to them tease one another and having fun. Add into the mix that Jeff is from Wisconsin and a huge Green Bay Packers fan, and you pretty much have the most awesome couple ever. Cheeseheads unite!

The best part of photographing a fellow photographer is the creative leeway you receive. Lynne was game for anything, and when I said, "Hey, I have this idea and vision in my head...let's see if it'll turn out!" she was completely game. Jeff was a blast as well, and the two of them rocked every scenario we created.

Jeff + Lynne, you two are rock stars, and I can't wait for your wedding next month! I know it'll be a great time from start to finish, and it's an honor to get to be your wedding photographer!

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