Soren + Becca | Dayton Engagement Photography

There are people in this world who are just awesome. Some of them (okay, most of them) also happen to be Green Bay Packers fans. That just so happens to be the case here with Soren + Becca, who are, in fact, both really awesome people AND Green Bay Packers fans. The world may not know what to do with all that epic in one place. :) However, they not only gave fantastic taste in their sport allegiances, but they also made the 6 hour round-trip trek to hang with me one evening for their engagement session! For that, I'm humbled, and knew we had to really rock out while they were in town! 

These two are so natural in front of the camera, that it was a lot of fun to just set them loose. I always encourage couples to just enjoy one another, flirt, and have fun and forget about me, but I know sometimes it's tough to do! But for Soren + Becca, it seemed effortless. They enjoyed being outdoors, hanging out, and you could tell they were just enjoying one another. And when couples are that easy going, it makes for some really fun photos, and a great time had by all! We laughed throughout the session, and it was truly a blast to hang out with the two of them that evening. 

Soren + Becca, congratulations on your engagement! It was so much fun to hang out with you, and I can't wait for your wedding next September.  

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