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Mike + Hannah are fantastic, hands down. Living in Canton, Ohio, Hannah found me online and immediately we hit it off, plotting and planning what her and Mike's engagement would entail. They were game for anything, and wanted to come down to Dayton and explore. So when they arrived for their engagement session, we wandered all over the Dayton area chasing the light and having a blast. 

Starting in downtown Dayton, we hung out at a local coffee shop and found some fantastic graffiti while exploring, then headed to Yellow Springs for some fantastic moments in the woods. In each location, Mike + Hannah were fantastic, embracing the adventure and just enjoying one another. Their playful and easygoing nature made it fun to wander the Dayton area for their engagement photos, not really having a specific plan in place, but rather allowing the session to manifest on its own. Those kinds of sessions are always the best, and they clearly rocked every location where we stopped! 

Congratulations, you two, on your engagement! It was truly an honor to have you guys make the three hour trek to come visit and rock your photos, and I can't wait to head to your neck of the woods photograph your wedding! I have no doubt it'll be fantastic.

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