Garrett + Brittany | John Bryan State Park | Yellow Springs Engagement Photography

Garrett and Brittany were so much fun to work with! When we first starting planning their engagement session, I knew they would be a blast to work with, but then I received an email from Brittany that make my heart sink -- Garrett broke his ankle, and she wasn't sure what to do! What she didn't tell me, though, was that Garrett is an absolute trooper, and what you won't see in their engagement photos are his crutches, or his cast. That guy hid it all, and every location we went to, he'd get into position, give me his crutches, and we'd shoot away! Now that's dedication!

These two were so easy going, their session just flew by! We even had the opportunity to capture their dog, Russ, and he's just as easy going as they are! He was a champ for the photos, and I loved getting to work with a Labrador Retriever, since I grew up with Labs. They're just great dogs, and you could tell Garrett and Brittany adored him.

Congratulations, you two! Your session was so much fun, and I wish you all the best! And Garrett, heal up quickly! I'm sure having that first dance will be a lot more fun without crutches. :)

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