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What do you get when you have a gorgeous wedding venue like the Krippendorf Lodge, the perfect autumn day in Cincinnati, and a group of the most rad human beings you could ever hope to spend a day with? You get the perfect combination that makes up Rocky + Cassie’s amazing wedding day, that’s what! Words don’t begin to do these two and their lovely friends and family justice, but hopefully I can try, and then share a few of the images we created as proof of how awesome they really are. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

I had the honor of teaming up with Jason Vinson of Vinson Images for this wedding, and together we met up with Rocky + Cassie as they got ready at Homewood Suites in Cincinnati as they got ready for their big day. Everyone throughout the getting ready process was full of smiles, and personally, I was super excited to see Kylie, Rocky’s daughter, loved dragons. She had all kinds there, and we chatted about each one. Kylie is one of the coolest girls I’ve met, and she was a fantastic part of Cassie’s wedding party! (And, anyone who likes Spyro is 100% awesome in my book!) Over with Jason, it was wonderful to see that one of my former grooms, Chris, was one of Rocky’s groomsmen, and it is always an honor and a blast to get to come back and work with the same group of friends on multiple weddings; you become friends, and it’s an even bigger party!

As Cassie traveled to Krippendorf Lodge to put on her dress and see her venue for the first time that day, emotions were high in all the best ways possible. There were happy tears, excited chats about the upcoming day, and the sense of joy grew as the time came closer to Cassie meeting Rocky for their first look. Before they could see each other, though, there was one other person that needed to have a first look with Rocky: his daughter, Kylie. And man, what a joy it was to capture that sweet moment between them! Their bond is extremely special, and it was hard not to tear up myself as I watched Rocky see Kylie for the first time that day.

And, not to be outdone, Cassie’s first look with Rocky was just as amazing and just as special. The joy Rocky + Cassie have for one another is indescribably sweet, and you simply can’t help but smile when you’re with them. It was no different on their wedding day, and it was an absolute blast to wander the grounds and create images for them throughout the day, before and after the wedding ceremony!

But let’s certainly not forget the ceremony! Rocky’s sister, Kristi, officiated the wedding, adding a beautiful, family touch to the moment. And, once the knot was tied, it was time to party! From start to finish, this wedding was an absolute joy to document. Rocky + Cassie, thank you so very much for allowing me and Jason to capture your day for you, and congratulations again! I’m so excited to see where life takes your beautiful family. Cheers!

Venue: Krippendorf Lodge
Florals: O’Reilley Floral Design
DJ: Doug Stoll
Caterer: Elegant Flare
Cake: Fat Ben’s Bakery

 At Studio 22 we love couples who are willing to adventure. Rocky and Cassie had a perfect fall day in Cincinnati to capture gorgeous wedding photos when the light was just right!
 Detail shots are such a small part of wedding photography, but one that plays a big role.  Finding dun ways to display some of the smallest and most important parts of your day is something that Megan at Studio 22 loves to do.
 Your wedding is more than just the ceremony and Megan at Studio 22 Photography thrives on being able to capture those minute moments from the very start of your day to the last sparkler dying out. This photo at the Homewood Suites in Cincinnati is a great moment for Cassie to look back on years to come to feel her excitement at her look being finalized  and the anticipation of the upcoming ceremony.
 Wedding portraits don’t have to follow rules. Sometimes including the broader picture of location or events make for more interesting photographs. This image that Megan took of Rocky with a reflection of Cincinnati in the foreground is a great way for a story to be told.
 You may not remember what your make-up artist looked like, but you will always have memories of how you looked when she was done. We love to capture wedding photos before and during the process on your big day.
 Details mean nothing without the people to enjoy them. Capturing this detail shot of Cassie’s wedding dress at Krippendorf Lodge in Cincinnati, with a refection of a genuine emotional embrace, gives what could be a static photo more life and meaning.
 At Studio 22 we look for the  moments at your wedding that create the feeling for the day. These moments could be made up of a hug, a laugh, a touch, or a smile. Megan is always on the lookout for special photos that will touch your heart for years to come.
 Getting ready is a great time to grab those formal portraits of how you looked without having to feel awkward. Megan is great at capturing the groom looking his best, before he has the chance to think about posing.
 A wedding day goes by so fast that it is sometimes hard to take in all the people who are there for you. Studio 22 ensures to capture those people and memories for you so you never forget.
 Rocky and Cassie’s gorgeous fall wedding at Krippendorf Lodge in Cincinnati, Ohio was a dream to capture. Having Rocky’s sister officiate the ceremony made it that much more special. Adding personal touches to your day, makes things unforgettable.
 A ring is a symbol of the love you share, so a photo of receiving these rings should embody just that. Megan at Studio 22 Photography in Ohio looks for the meaning behind each part of your day and captures it for you.
 Every wedding photographer ensures they get a photo of the first kiss. Having a stunning venue like Krippendorf Lodge in Cincinnati as your background (as well as a great bridal party) brings a typical photo up ten notches.
 Weddings are about love. The love between the couple, the love between the families, and the love of all those who come to celebrate. Megan always ensures to capture images that showcase that love in all its forms on your big day.
 Golden autumn sun, the stunning natural setting at Krippendorf Lodge, and two people madly in love create dream wedding portraits. Getting to capture these two on their magical day was an honor.
 At Studio 22 we love couples who are ready to wander with us. Finding places to stroll and cuddle away from the business of the party for a few minutes gives you both quiet time together and the chance for amazing wedding portraits. Thankfully Rocky and Cassie were game and  Cincinnati has plenty of spectacular spots to wander around.
 Rocky was such a gentleman helping keep Cassie’s wedding dress from collecting autumn leaves or rocks on our adventures. These in between little moments that the couple may not remember otherwise are some of Studio 22 Photography’s favorites to capture.
 Megan Allen loves to make sure to capture your wedding day from all angles. This means she will be crawling on the floor, climbing on furniture, and potentially flying drones (if the situation calls for it) to get that perfect shot!
  O’Reilley Floral Design  did a mind blowing job at creating a perfect autumn bouquet with pops of colour for Rocky and Cassie’s Cincinnati wedding.
 When looking back on your wedding 50 years from now it is important to also remember what times were like. Photographing details like this are a great sign of the times to be able to look back on. Megan Allen is always looking for ways to capture this moment in time for you.
 When choosing wedding colours it is always spectacular when you pick colours that pop. This makes photos more lively and fun! Rocky and Cassie’s blue and red colour scheme was perfect against the subtle and classy tones of the Krippendorf Lodge.
 At Studio 22 I won’t shoot what your wedding looks like, but rather what it feels like. Rocky and Cassie had both and intimate and yet super fun reception in Cincinnati.
 There is nothing more fun for Megan to photograph at a wedding then people having the time of their lives. Megan loves capturing wild receptions and hilarious wedding parties.
 Wedding photographs are not just about the bridal party, it is also important to Studio 22 for us to capture your friends and family who are celebrating with you!
 Megan at Studio 22 photography uses all the latest tools she can get her hands on to create images for you that will stop people in their tracks. You just bring yourselves and your love and let her work her photographic magic.