Nick + Erica | Dayton Engagement Photographer


On Super Bowl Sunday, the best way to pregame engagement session! Nick + Erica drove up to Dayton to hang with me, and we made the most of a cold afternoon, hitting some of my favorite places in Dayton, as well as finding a few new spots. And, while the Super Bowl was great, I think we won the afternoon with all the great images we created together!

We first met at Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark, which is such a beautiful place, no matter the season or weather. We enjoyed wandering around, and after doing the rounds, we headed to downtown Dayton to go visit Something Old...but not before stopping along the way a few times to find a few new great spots, including the fantastic mural below. Throughout all of our wanderings, Nick + Erica were such a blast, and it was impossible not to enjoy our time together.

Nick + Erica, thanks so much for making the trek up to Dayton for your engagement session, and thanks for being so amazing to hang with! I cannot wait for your wedding in'll be here before we know it!

One of my favorite things to do with couples during their engagement sessions is to simply wander. When we have the opportunity to spend time just hanging out, finding new locations for engagement photos, it's always a great time. With Nick + Erica, they were game to travel all over the Dayton area, and because of this, we found these amazing, multi-colored murals that reminded me of the murals in DUMBO in Brooklyn, New York! The brightly painted walls brought cheer on an overcast winter day, and added nicely to the locations we chose for their Dayton engagement photos.  Sony A9 | Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 76mm f/2.8 | ISO 100 | 1/125 sec
Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark is one of my favorite locations for Dayton engagement photos. With its many beautifully manicured areas, there's plenty of options and opportunity to create beautiful images for clients. Here in the hedge gardens, we had a great time playing with utilizing the hedges themselves to make images that told their story.   Sony A9 | Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4 @ f/1.6 | ISO 100 | 1/500 sec
One of my favorite things to do is create layered images that really pop for my couples. Nick + Erica loved the Edison lightbulb arrangements that Something Old offered (and who can blame them? They're so rad!), and after getting a few "standard" shots, I wanted to use the lamps to frame them in a more creative matter. Using off camera flash and MagMod products, this was a great way to light them in a new way, with a fun result!   Sony A9 | Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4 @ f/4 | ISO 100 | 1/100 sec | Godox v860ii w/ MagGrid, MagSphere, and cooling gel
I'm a sucker for rich earth tones, and with Nick + Erica in vibrant tones that offset beautifully with the tall, grassy area of Wegerzyn Gardens, it was a wonderful time creating images that they'll enjoy for years to come. One of my goals for my couples in their engagement session is to provide simply beautiful images of them that encapsulate their relationship. By getting to know them and watching them interact, it makes it fun to put the puzzle pieces together to create images that are real for them and their personalities.  Sony A9 | Nikon 105mm f/1.4 @ f/1.4 | ISO 100 | 1/500 sec
Getting creative is my job when it comes to Dayton engagement photos, and having a great couple who loves to laugh always helps! Nick + Erica were all smiles and laughs during their engagement session, and I love that they humored me while I made sure this image turned out just right! Using two Godox v860ii speed lights equipped with MagMod gear, I was able to create something just a little bit different that showcases their playful nature. With one of the Godox flashes equipped with a red MagGel and aimed at the wall behind Nick, and the other equipped with a MagGrid and MagSphere, and aimed at Erica, I simply waited until they both were truly laughing, and boom. Awesome smiles, awesome engagement photo. I love it when a plan comes together!  Sony A9 | Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4 @ f/9 | ISO 1600 | 1/80 sec | 2 Godox v860ii flashes w/ MagMod gear
Brenizer Method images are some of my favorite images to create for couples, both for wedding and engagement photography, because of the level of intricacy they pose. A Brenizer Method image is actually multiple images that are taken, and then stitched together to create a larger panorama image. The key element to a Brenizer Method image is the extreme shallow depth of field in which the photos are taken, which allows the overall image to attain a unique feel to it when it is finished. For this image of Nick + Erica at Something Old Event Rentals, we took 44 images and pieced them together to come up with this final image of them sitting, enjoying one another as the winter sun poured through the frosted windows.  Sony A9 | Nikon 105mm f/1.4 @ f/1.4 | ISO 640 | 1/250 sec | 44 images stitched together in Auto Pano Pro
Something Old Event Rentals is one of my favorite Dayton photography studios to use for Dayton engagement photos. Their beautiful studios are perfectly suited for gorgeous light, and their unique array of props and elements make it a fun place to do an engagement session. I highly recommend Something Old Event Rentals for both wedding and engagement photography rentals.  Sony A9 | Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4 @ f/2.5 | ISO 200 | 1/125 sec