Josten + Tasha | St. Paul Couples Photography

Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to start with Josten + Tasha. These two are truly two of the most fun people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. From the moment they walked in (with LOADS of clothing choices, by the way...we're talking they each brought a suitcase, and said, "You pick!" aka...photographer heaven for me haha), they were excited, ready to go, and just truly a pleasure to be around. Their easy going nature and playfulness made photographing them an absolute blast.

And who would have known we would find such a gorgeous nook situated just off a busy road, sandwiched between a high school and a church! Sometimes I think as a photographer, we think we need this epic places to shoot, when really, beauty is all around us, if we just look...and shoot it right. :) This was definitely one of the times that looking at the photos afterward, I just kept thinking, "Wow, and to the left are a bunch of soccer fields, and to the right is a big church steeple...and we rocked it!"

Josten + Tasha, thank you for the laughs, which were unending. You two had me in stitches from start to finish, and I absolutely adored having the honor of photographing you. Thank you for having me, and I can't wait to photograph you in the future, whenever I make my way back to Minnesota. :)

Also, I want to thank Shawnta Hobbs for the fantastic HMUA job she did with Tasha. If you're a bride to be in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, DEFINITELY connect with Shawnta! She's absolutely fantastic at what she does.