Welcome to York, Maine! A beautiful little town on the east coast, I’d never been north of New York City before Pat + Andrea invited me to capture their fantastic wedding day at the York Golf & Tennis Club. Flying into Boston, I was overwhelmed by the big city and busyness of life, but as I drove out and headed north, the busy life quickly faded behind me in the rear view mirror, as I was welcomed into the smaller town, east coast living that Maine claims as “the way life should be”….and I can’t argue with them! It’s beautiful, serene, and the kindness from everyone is palpable — both outside of the wedding, but especially those attending Pat + Andrea’s day, and man, was it a blast getting to capture every moment for them on their fantastic day!

Waking up that morning to the sound of rain on the roof, I immediately checked the forecast for the day and realized it was supposed to rain a good portion of the day. No worries, I knew we could create beautiful images no matter the weather, but I always hope my couples aren’t dismayed if the weather isn’t exactly how they’d planned. To my joy, I arrived and found Andrea completely calm, smiling, surrounded by her mom and best friends, and not concerned about the weather at all. Win! From Facetimes with family members who couldn’t attend, to the sweetest and silliest of gifts from her groom, to the impromptu dance parties her bridesmaids threw, her getting ready was a blast to be a part of. And, when we found out the guys were down at the pool, not a care in the world, of course I had to capture a few of those moments as well! The morning was full of fun, and the excitement from everyone was so much fun to document.

As it came time to head to York Golf & Tennis Club, the rain continued to come down. Undeterred, everyone headed out to the fantastic trolley Andrea had chartered, and protected by umbrellas, everyone made their way over to the venue. What had originally been planned as an outdoor wedding quickly changed to being an indoor one, but when your indoor option is as beautiful as your outdoor option, it’s really not a problem at all! The wonderful planners and vendors worked seamlessly to transition the ceremony indoors, and the result was stunning.

And, what’s a wedding without a fantastic reception? Pat + Andrea’s guests turned it up for their reception, complete with a fog machine, glow sticks, and hilarious shenanigans on the dance floor, which culminated with Pat being hoisted on the shoulders of his guests and passed around the dance floor! There was no shortage of fun, and it was certainly a day everyone will look back on with huge smiles.

Andrea + Pat, thank you so much for providing me the honor of capturing your fantastic day! It was a blast getting to spend the day with you, your family, and friends, and I can’t wait to see all that Polish cooking you now pull off thanks to the cookbook Pat gave you, Andrea! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Danilowicz!

 Creating portraits that are unique to your personality and venue is important to us at Studio 22 Photography. The wedding portraits of Andrea and Patrick at York Golf & Tennis Club in Boston were so much fun to create.

 Megan Allen is constantly scoping out creative ways to tell your story through wedding photography.

 How do you start your wedding day? Patrick knew how to get rid of any nerves the morning of in Boston and Studio 22 was there to photograph it all.

 No cold feet allowed! Megan loves to have fun with her couples and is not afraid of getting wet. Staying relaxed and enjoying the morning of your wedding is the best way to keep the nerves away.

 No peeking… No two brides have the same wedding morning, and Andrea’s getting ready shots in Maine show you exactly that!

 Note to grooms, always make sure you know how to tie a tie or put on a bowtie (or at least that one of your groomsmen do). It will help you avoid stressful moments leading up to your ceremony.

 Choosing something out of the ordinary for your wedding makes it uniquely yours. Andrea rented a trolly to bring them to the York Golf & Tennis Club for their wedding. It was so much fun for everyone.

 It isn’t just the rings and shoes that make important details on your wedding day. Studio 22 will capture whatever little pieces of your day that can be seen (or shown), as they all together create your perfect story.

 When weather derails outdoor plans it can be stressful. Thankfully the wedding planner and York Golf & Tennis Club had things under control and created a beautiful indoor ceremony for Andrea and Patrick.

 Having enough time to take portraits on a wedding day is super important. It helps to give lots of options, ensure great shots, but more importantly gives you and your new spouse some much needed alone time to take in your day amidst the chaos.

 Your detail shots can at times be more special if shown in context. Studio 22 Photography will make sure your detail shots look like no one else’s.

 Overcast days can create alluring photos with the deep and fresh colours that are created right after it rains. Andrea and Patrick’s Boston wedding may have been damp, but it was beautiful!

 There is no shortage of exquisite locations to make formal wedding photos in Maine.

 Studio 22 Photography is always working on staying ahead of the game with regards to new photography techniques and gear. Using a drone, Megan was able to create this sensational wedding portrait for Andrea and Patrick at their wedding in Maine.

 A toast to the bride and groom at the York Golf & Tennis Club in Maine.

 Your first dance is just for you, so let Megan find a way to showcase that for you.

 Allen Morter created an elegant wedding cake for Andrea and Patrick, they almost didn’t want to cut it!

 Fred Pappalardo kept the party going all night at the York Golf & Tennis Club in Maine.

 Your DJ will make or break your reception vibe and Fred Pappalardo was exceptional at reading the guests and creating the most epic atmosphere for people to get down!

 A wedding can have great music and food but epic friends and family are what make it a night to remember! This Maine wedding at the York Golf & Tennis Club will be one to remember for years.

 On your wedding day you are surrounded by many people, but the day is really about just you. Let Megan Allen capture your first evening as husband and wife.

 It is said that rain brings good luck on your wedding day. As a photographer it is always way more fun to have challenges or unexpected things (like a light rain) to create in! Andrea and Patrick were so trusting of Megan to create a beautiful rainy night bride and groom portrait for them in Boston.



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