Weddings are always a culmination of amazing things from start to finish. But what do you get when you combine a gorgeous marble hall, a reception filled to the brim with historic Packard cars, a wonderful family, and a rad couple? You get Taylor + Kirsten’s fantastic wedding day, that’s what!

Taylor + Kirsten are two wonderful souls. They’re kind, generous, and you can tell just how much they are loved by so, so many by just how joyful their wedding was. From the moment Beth and I arrived, you could sense the excitement from Kirsten’s mother and sisters, and the true joy for Taylor from his groomsmen was impossible not to feel. Laughter abounded, as well as a never ending supply of incredible spots to photograph their story with, which was an absolute blast. America’s Packard Museum was a new wedding venue in Dayton for me as a photographer, and it was fantastic to get to create in a new space with such a unique feel!

There were so many beautiful pieces to this wedding, but one part for me personally was that during the wedding at Dayton’s Memorial Hall, Kirsten’s mother sang. It’s not uncommon for loved ones to sing at weddings during the ceremony, but this was completely different. Kirsten’s mother has an unbelievably beautiful voice, and it was an honor to be able to capture such sheer talent for their family!

But, not to be forgotten, they had some of the most heartfelt speeches from their wedding party I have heard. Again, it became evident how much they are loved, and it’s always fun to hear the back stories from friends and family that embarrass the couple in new and fresh ways!

Taylor and Kirsten, thank you so much for allowing Beth and me to capture your wedding day. It was truly an honor to be your photographer, and I wish you all the best in the world as you embark on your newest adventure of life together as Mr. & Mrs.!

And finally, a huge, huge thank you to Beth Winstead of Winstead Photo for coming up and second shooting with me for this wedding. It was truly an honor to get to create alongside you!

 The slightest gesture of love caught in a photograph can tell you more about the couple than any number of words. Taylor and Kirsten are so kind, generous, loving and down to earth. Their love for each other is deep and sweet. Megan Allen at Studio 22 Photography loved spending some time photographing the two of them in Wegerzyn Garden’s in Dayton, Ohio for their gorgeous wedding day.

 Beyond having a beautiful location for your wedding, it is important to have a photographer that sees things in new and interesting ways in order to capture your day in a way that truly encompasses you. The America’s Packard Museum in Dayton Ohio was an incredibly fun and new venue for Studio 22 Photography to shoot in. The breadth of options for places to photograph was outstanding and allowed Megan’s creativity to flow.

 Getting ready photos are quickly becoming an essential part of wedding photography, and rightfully so. The morning of your wedding is as much a part of your story as every other aspect through the day. People often think of the bride getting ready (most likely due to the elaborate nature of the events involved), but sometimes forget that the groom has just as many thoughts and emotions occurring. At Studio 22 Photography we try to always snag at least a few photos of your man on the morning of your big day.

 There are obvious details that people usually request to be photographed. These include the dress, the accessories, the rings, the bride’s bouquet, and the grooms cufflinks. Many times people forget about some of the little details that were so carefully thought through and planned (like boutonnieres) that add to making your day so distinctly yours. Making sure to capture the things that you put your time and effort into designing and planning in a creative and appealing way is something that Megan Allen at Studio 22 Photography tries to do at each wedding she photographs.

 The America’s Packard Museum in Dayton, Ohio was a fantastic and unique place for getting ready. Having the start of a new journey begin amidst relics of the past was very poignant and special.

 The bonds between parent and child do not go away when they get married, in fact it only strengthens the connections between them all. This tender moment between Kirsten and her mother when she was getting ready for her wedding at The America Packard Museum in Dayton, is a beautiful testament to the deep, strong and soft love between a mother and her daughter.

 Megan is always keeping her eye out for new ideas on how to photograph you on your wedding day. Using the latest gear, as well as constantly upgrading her stills with workshops, mentoring and photography training is key to ensuring that you get the best quality and most artistic and beautiful photographs.

 Ohio is full of fun and interesting venues to get married at. Despite having a sometimes dull reputation, Dayton, Ohio has quite a variety of unique locations. From Top of the Market’s urban feel to The Willow Tree’s rustic and scenic decor and The American Packard Museum’s unique flair Studio 22 Photography has seen a wide range and there is certainly a venue for every type of couple.

 Getting a photograph of your first steps toward married life is a pivotal image to Megan Allen. The key to her is to try to always find a new way of showcasing that. So whether it is showing the look on your grooms face as you walk towards him, or your gorgeous dress trailing behind you and your father, she will certainly capture that important moment in your day.

 Memorial Hall in Dayton, Ohio is such a spectacular location for a wedding ceremony. The quiet grandeur adds a classy feel to those beautiful moments as you become husband and wife.

 Your wedding day is about love, commitment, relationships, and celebration! Megan Allen at Studio 22 Photography won’t put her camera down unless she knows that she has captured all of that and the essence of who you are on your wedding day. So enjoy each moment and celebrate your love, your family and friends, and let Megan freeze it all for you in photos to last you for generations.

 Wedding portraits don’t have to always be (and shouldn’t always be) taken in traditional locations. There is nothing wrong, and Megan is always down for an epic landscape shot, but finding fun backgrounds like this one in Dayton, Ohio gives you individual images and adds some personality to your images.

 Wegerzyn Garden is another stunning Dayton location for wedding photographs. The mixture of colour and greenery, as well as the perfectly manicured grounds and picturesque walkways allowed for some fantastic images at Taylor and Kirsten’s wedding.

 Megan will swear up and down and repeat it ad nauseam, that sometimes those in between moments create the best photographs. Megan Allen prides herself in keeping an eye out for that little smile, the helping hand, the intimate whispers, or the laughs that the two of you share. This image of Kirsten and Taylor in Wegersyn Garden in Dayton, Ohio caught their giddiness along with Taylor’s helping hand all at once for a beautiful and accurate portrayal of them as a couple for a wedding portrait.

 Let’s step back and talk about cakes for a minute. When planning your wedding often times you go to countless tastings and meetings about the look, design, size, and flavour of your wedding cake, yet it sits there in a corner and is then cut up and devoured in minutes. As part of your details that make up your day, Megan Allen at Studio 22 Photography always makes sure to capture your cake in all of it’s beauty in a creative and perfect way so that you can remember what it looks like (long after you remember how it tastes).

 Every person at your wedding holds a special place in your heart, but there are those who take on extra significance. At Studio 22 Photography Megan does her best to capture beautiful images of your loved ones for you. This helps not only to tell the story of your day and include aspects of your wedding (such as speeches), but also provides for memories to hold near and dear for years to come. Megan believes that your wedding photographs are not meant solely for you as a couple, but for your children and grandchildren and generations beyond that to be able to look back at a moment in your life and those who meant the world to you.

 The microscopic details and moments throughout your wedding day are what truly make it the most magical and special day of your life. Throughout your day, from getting ready until the last dance, Megan is busy catching those tiny moments so that you can experience your day over and over again through those photographs. Taylor and Kirsten’s wedding at the Packard Museum in Dayton was jam packed with those fleeting moments that created an intimate, loving, and fun wedding day for all who attended.

 Be sure that if your guests are present and having fun, that Megan will be there, nice and close, with her camera capturing it and having fun right along side of them. The guests at Taylor and Kirsten’s wedding at the Packard Museum in Dayton were a blast for Megan to photograph at the reception.

 Expect the unexpected and those golden moments will happen. This is part of Megan’s philosophy (that and always keep and eye on the kids because they are the true life of the party). Be certain that if Studio 22 is photographing your wedding they won’t miss a beat of your epic dance party!

 Despite being swamped on your wedding day and wanting to make sure you see all of your guests, make sure you take time to enjoy your day! You have spent endless hours and countless dollars to create your perfect party, so get down and live it up like Taylor did at his Dayton,Ohio wedding.

 There are very few boundaries when it comes to how close Megan at Studio 22 Photography will get to the action on a dance floor of a wedding. She wants to get in the action with them, not take a picture of it. As a result you will get pictures that feel like what it was like to be at that receptions not just pictures of it.

 Your excitement it palpable from the minute you wake on your wedding day, until you leave for the night (and the rest of your lives) together. So leave it to Megan at Studio 22 Photography in Dayton to capture that feeling and memorialize it in your wedding photos for you for years to come!



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