There are days where everything simply falls into place. A wonderful, playful couple, a fantastic location, and exquisite light. It’s rare that all three align perfectly, but that’s exactly what happened on Christian + Madelyn’s engagement session!

We met up at Sugarcreek Metro Park, a location I hadn’t previously been to. Madelyn had scouted it perfectly a few days before with friends, so when I arrived, she had all the locations she thought would be great already mapped out! And, to my pleasure, every spot she’d marked on the map was magical. She really knew how to pick a location! Her ethereal peach dress was stunning as the light filtered through the trees and illuminated her perfectly, and Christian’s dapper vest and tie ensemble gave him a fantastic scholar feel, giving them the essence of a true fairytale playing out in the serene woods that surrounded us.

And, as beautiful as the surroundings and light were, Christian + Madelyn were the stars of the evening, both playing off of each other, constantly bursting into laughter and simply enjoying one another’s presence. The way they look at each other, and the way you can tell they truly enjoy each other was such a pleasure to be able to document. Their playful nature was a joy to be around, and I caught myself many times just enjoying watching their interactions play out. They really are a fun couple to spend time with!

Congratulations, you two! It was such a wonderful honor to be your engagement photographer, and I wish you all the best as you continue planning your gorgeous Michigan wedding! I have no doubt that it will be as stunning as the two of you!



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these are absolutely talent-ly wonderful!! I love the wonderful loving energy each one holds

These are so increidbly beautiful!!!! So lovely 🙂

Thank you so much! They were a fantastic couple to get to work with!

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