I have a confession to make: I lied to my best friend for a month. Not just any old white lie, like, “Oh, you look great in that, I swear!” or “No, your hair doesn’t look like you licked a light socket, I promise.” I lied big time. I told her, “No, I have no clue when Allen is proposing. No, he hasn’t told me a thing!” and…biggest of all…”I’m doing a styled collaboration with all these amazing vendors to finish my promo video, and would you be willing to drag Allen out to shoot and be my couple for it? ….No, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he’s going to propose to you during the shoot, not at all.” Nope. It couldn’t be that. Never in a million years. 🙂  

When Allen texted me a photo of a ring last month, I told him in jest I absolutely supported him putting it on Jenna’s hand. His responding text of, “I have it!” made me cheer and I might have wiggle danced right there. Okay, I totally wiggled danced. It was time! And these two are so ridiculously perfect for one another, that it’s just unbelievable. Allen asked me if I’d help him come up with a way to get Jenna to go out for photos so he could propose, and so together, along with some of the best wedding vendors in Dayton, he created a fantastic backdrop to ask Jenna to marry him.

Since I’ve been working with Happy Kamper Films to create a promotional video, I asked them if they’d be game to be my excuse to take Allen and Jenna out for a round of photos. Immediately they were on board, excited to be part of a surprise proposal and capture such a special day. When they said yes, Allen and I touched base with Lost & Found Vintage Rentals, which is an amazing prop and set designing company. Jennifer was also immediately excited to collaborate, and together, we started to come up with what this proposal might look like. Allen knew he wanted to propose in the woods, and with Jenna’s vintage style, Jennifer began playing with ideas, and it snowballed into an amazing collaboration with the fantastic Sherwood Florist providing beautiful garlands and greenery, Taylor Monroe styling Jenna, Linwood Men’s Specialty Shoppe styling Allen, Twist Cupcakery donating cupcakes, and Krista Hunt designing a stunning cake. Everyone came together to create a romantic, vintage, winter-wonderland for Allen to propose within.

Being unseasonably warm for Ohio, we were able to go out early in the day and scope out the perfect little alcove right by the creek on Allen’s family’s land, which has been passed down for generations. When we began to plan where everything would be set, Allen even cut down a tree to create a little walkway of tree stumps to line the path to the place where he would propose. When Jennifer arrived, she teamed up with Allen and I to create a wall of twinkle lights strung between two trees, which would serve as the backdrop for where he’d propose. Jennifer then took the stumps that Allen had made and placed a myriad of gorgeous white and gold candles on them to create an intimate feel to accompany the twinkle light wall.

With the proposal area finished, Jennifer and Allen turned their attention to the other staging area, which included a stunning vintage Victorian loveseat, made cozy and winter-perfect by fluffy pillows, a blanket, and a gorgeous garland arrangement from Sherwood Florist. Accompanied by a vintage dresser turned dessert-laden hot chocolate bar, no stone was left unturned as they prepared hot chocolate, delicious pastries from Dorothy Lane Market, cupcakes from Twist Cupcakery, and a stunning cake designed by Krista Hunt. With everything in place, Allen went back up to his house to change into his clothes he chose while being styled at Linwood Men’s Specialty Shoppe and to meet Jenna, who had been styled by Taylor Monroe, a fantastic boutique in Dayton.

With Mike & Alison helping plan the look of the film, we wandered along Allen’s land, stopping and shooting by the pond with a rustic swing he made for Jenna in the summer. We walked and laughed, enjoying Allen and Jenna having a great time and capturing them together. As we got closer to the staging area, we could tell Allen was excited and nervous, and the excitement between all of us was tangible. Allen and Jenna had fun digging into the desserts and enjoying one another, and after they had snuggled on the couch, chatted, and wandered a bit, Allen guided Jenna over to the area he and Jennifer had created, dropped to one knee, and popped the question! Jenna’s reaction was so perfect, and tears of happiness overflowed as Allen placed the ring on her hand. I don’t think there was a dry eye from anyone! As Jenna hugged Allen tightly, Alison, from Happy Kamper Films, whispered to me, “They’re just perfect!”

Yes, yes they are.

Congratulations, Allen & Jenna. I hope everything was perfect for the two of you, and that your dreams came true as you start your new journey into forever together. It was an absolute honor to capture your moments for you, and above all, I cherish the both of you as wonderful friends. I’m so, so very happy for the two of you! Now let’s get to wedding planning!



Videography: Happy Kamper Films
Rentals & Staging: Lost & Found Vintage Rentals
Floral Design: Sherwood Florist
Cake: Krista Hunt
Cupcakes: Twist Cupcakery
Calligraphy: Hampton House Boutique
Announcement: Ivory House Creative
Ring: James Free Jewelers
Styling for Jenna: Taylor Monroe
Styling for Allen: Linwood Men’s Specialty Shoppe



Wedding Planner:


Floral Design:

Cake Design:






Omg what a perfect engagement. I’m so in love with this setup.

Oh man. I have tears in my eyes for the beautiful couple and the romance I can feel radiating from these images! Beautifully done!

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