Andrew + Jessie are just plain fun. That’s all there is to it. These two had such a beautiful summer day to be married, had a fantastic bridal party that kept things fun and lively throughout the day, and an absolutely wonderful array of friends and family that made their wedding an absolute blast. From start to finish, their wedding rocked The Berry Room at the Nutter Center, and just wait until you see the images. You’ll understand why! To be fair, I texted Jessie the morning of her wedding and warned her I was feeling overly creative. Her response was, “Let’s do it!”, and that tune carried us throughout the day. From laying down on a boardwalk in a marsh (the photo is so worth it, I promise!), to shotgunning before the reception, culminating in an amazing dance party that only stopped because the venue had to shut down — this wedding was a blast, and I loved getting to work with these two crazy lovebirds.

I arrived while Jessie was getting ready at Peace Lutheran Church, both hers and Andrew’s church home since they were young. They met there, and it was beautiful to see them say their vows in the place that they met, grew up together, and be married by their pastor. Their families — both by blood and by church — were there to support them, and it was a touching ceremony. It’s always special when I hear that there’s so much backstory to a wedding location, and this was no different.

After the ceremony, we loaded up in the limo and headed to Koogler Wetlands, where we made some amazing wedding portraits for Andrew + Jessie. When you  can ask a bride to lay down in her wedding gown, and she’s game without hesitation…you know you have something special, and you better turn it into a darn good image! Andrew, Jessie, and I roamed the wetlands for some fun spots, and then they pre-gamed for their reception with their bridal party! It was a blast to get to see their personalities shine through, and I adored their portrait time.

At the reception, the party heated up and never stopped! The dance floor filled up and never emptied, which made it an absolute blast to document. There was quite the dance off (which you’ll see some of below!), and fun was had by all in attendance. Finishing the night with a sparkler exit out of the Nutter Center, Andrew and Jessie drove off to cheers, sparklers, and Chinese sky lanterns. It was a fantastic wedding from beginning to end.

Andrew + Jessie, congratulations on your marriage, and thank you for allowing me to document it for you! And while I doubt I’ll ever be able to crack a can open with my teeth quite like your groomsmen, I’ll forever be amazed by your level of epicness, and it’ll be something I strive to reach! 🙂

 Being a dayton wedding photographer and destination wedding photographer, i adore the getting ready portion of the wedding day. all the excitement that goes into the preparation of one of the most important days of my clients



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Beautiful composition of photos, very off beat and special…Loved them all.

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