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Need inspiration for your engagement session? Venue suggestions to make your day perfect? A list of amazing wedding vendors that service the Dayton area? Look no further! Hit these links to check out tips, tricks, and suggestions to create the best wedding possible. As a Dayton wedding photographer, it’s my goal to provide couples with one of the most comprehensive guides to planning their wedding. Beyond being just a wedding photographer, I want to provide you with even more. More insight to some of Dayton’s best vendors and venues, and offer tips and tricks. That way, you have all the information necessary to create your dream wedding!

I’ve traveled worldwide and photographed over 150 weddings that span over 10 countries and 4 continents. Through it all, I hope to provide future couples with the insight they need to build their own fantastic weddings. Each wedding is its own special blend of fun, crazy, and unscripted awesome. Each wedding I am entrusted with is an honor. And, every time a couple invites me along for their first big adventure together, I can’t wait to create something beautiful and unique to them.

One of my goals is to continually become a better photographer for my clients. One of the ways I do that is to enter into photographic competitions. I am proud to be one of the top ten Fearless wedding photographers in the USA in 2018, and one of the top twenty Fearless wedding photographers in the USA overall. I am proud to be a Sony Alpha Female, and I am a MagMod Ambassador. But all of that has come to be, because of my incredible clients. Because of the trust they place in me. And thanks to that trust, I am able to create images that celebrate their special moments. Choosing a wedding photographer is no easy task or simple decision. And if you choose to entrust me with your moments, I will take on that responsibility with the utmost care. Thank you for considering me!

When choosing a Dayton wedding photographer, the options are endless. Being sure you understand the style of photography that resonates with you is important. Do you love traditional photos? Or, do you prefer a more unconventional, unique flair? Do you like a more film finish, or bold colors? Do you want a photographer that stays back, or one that prefers to jump in and be part of the fun? All of these are excellent questions that only you can answer. However, they will be important to finding your photographer match!

As for me, if you’re searching for a creative touch in bold colors who doesn’t mind jumping on the dance floor, you’ve come to the right place! I love couples who don’t take themselves too seriously and love to have fun. Couples who are ready to get creative and have a blast doing it. And, while we’re going to have a great time, we’ll capture the traditional photos that your family will want in a 5×7.

When you choose to entrust me with your wedding photography, you’re gaining the peace of mind that your memories will be preserved. That your loved ones will be respected and cherished. Above all, you’re going to have images to look back on that will transport you back to your wedding day each time you pull out your wedding album!

Beyond just wedding photography, you’re going to need the perfect team surrounding you. That’s where I hope to help, too! Every weekend I’m working with incredible Dayton wedding vendors. Let me share some of my favorite colleagues who I know will take care of you. Together we can build you a wedding dream team!

If you have any questions about how to plan your wedding, I’d love to help in any way possible. Please take advantage of the free wedding resources here on my website. I can’t wait to connect and hear all about your wedding plans!


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