Blank checks are pretty amazing. The possibilities are endless, your mind is running, and you’re imagining what you could do with such a thing, right? Blank checks are awesome…especially if you can cash them in! In the case of AJ + Kriscinda, they gave me a blank check to do whatever I’d like on their wedding day in regards to photography, and you better believe that sucker got cashed! These two had one of the most fun weddings of the year, and it was an absolute blast to get to hang and capture it for them.

Friendship is something I have the honor of witnessing at every wedding; the bonds between the couple and their loved ones is always apparent. However, with AJ + Kriscinda, it runs even deeper than that. Their circle of friends IS their family, and I sense that every time I get to interact with this circle. You see, I’ve been honored to photograph a few other weddings for this group of friends, and every time I am impressed by how much they truly love one another and go the extra mile. So much so, that for AJ + Kriscinda, their friends Shawn + Buffy opened their beautiful home to be the site of their wedding!  From transforming the home into a beautiful space, to the backyard becoming a magical place to say their vows, nestled under a gorgeous willow tree, every moment was perfect for the two of them. And not just those two came up to the plate to love on AJ + Kriscinda, but their entire group of friends stepped up, from running for more ice to combat the sweltering midday heat, to running errands for the bride to alleviate any worries at all, this group is extremely special, and AJ + Kriscinda are blessed to be loved by so many people.

As the ceremony came closer, it was amazing to watch the excitement grow, and the joy overtake both AJ + Kriscinda as they met below the willow tree to start their adventure together. There were no dry eyes as they committed to one another, and the cheers were real as high fives were given when they walked back down the aisle together as husband and wife!

And, not only was the ceremony amazing, but these folks know how to turn up for a party…and they did just that! This group is fantastic on the dance floor, and plenty of shenanigans ensued, culminating in a 30 foot tall bonfire and a fantastic sparkler exit to boot! From start to finish, this was a wedding that won’t be forgotten.

AJ + Kriscinda, thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day, and for entrusting me with your moments! It was an honor, and I’m so thankful to call you friends! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the two of you, because I know whatever it may be, you two are true teammates and will do it together! Congratulations!

 Studio 22 Photography is always looking for new and alluring ways to capture wedding portraits.

 Simplicity in photographs allows for your details to stay the focus. Megan Allen is always looking for an elegant and perfect way to highlight your details.

 Having a stylist you know and trust will make the difference between a relaxed and fun, or anxiety filled morning of your wedding. Kriscinda has a fantastic group of friends so this was a no brainer for her Dayton wedding.

 Even up to hours before a ceremony there are still last minute touches that need to be attended to. Megan was on top of catching AJ’s last moments as he got ready for his wedding ceremony.

 Good food, good friends, and good entertainment… that’s what a wedding is all about right?! These girls were adorable at Kriscinda and AJ’s Dayton wedding.

 Only you know what will keep you relaxed when getting ready for your wedding, so get at it (and make sure Studio 22 is there to capture it).

 It’s not just the bride that has to make sure they are photo ready on the wedding day. You want to make sure that everyone who looks at those photos feels great about themselves (although we don’t recommend major hair changes for anyone in the wedding on the day of, unless this is a regular occurrence).

 Having hair and makeup come to you on your wedding day makes it that much more relaxed and fun. You can stay in your robe, drink mimosas, and just hang out with your girls without having to worry about time.

 The guys often get shafted when it comes to fun wedding attire, so at Studio 22 we love it when they add a bit of personality to their wardrobe (even if it is hidden in their shoes).

 A photo of your dress can become even more special when there is a story happening around it, like this photo of a bride and her mother commenting on the custom hanger.

 Some people are anxious about being able to take good portraits. Megan at Studio 22 works really hard at ensuring her couples feel at ease with her to begin with, but also has some tricks up her sleeve to make sure every photo gets the best of you.

 A simple look can be all it takes to make a captivating wedding photo! AJ and Kriscinda gave us gold on their wedding day.

 One of the fantastic things about summer weddings, especially in Ohio, is the endless blue skies. This creates a perfect canvass to place a newlywed couple on for wedding portraits.

 Brides and grooms don’t often know what there ceremony looks like as they are caught up in the moment with each other. Megan often tries to get a shot of the entire picture (when possible) so you can look back and sneak a peek at a moment in your life, like this shot of a Dayton wedding under a willow tree.

 When children are a part of a wedding it adds a new layer to what is happening. Their innocence, excitement, curiosity, and general sense of wonder (not to mention their antics) create another level of beautify to an already exquisite day.

 Megan will always make sure you have photos of the key moments at your wedding ceremony. If you let her she will go above and beyond that to make sure you have photos in those moments, not just of them!

 Let nature be your decor! There are so many decisions to make, and so many costs that add up when planning a wedding. One great way to cut down on the budget and decisions made, while still making a huge visual impact on your guests is by letting your venue be the majority of your decor and just adding small touches to highlight it. AJ and Kriscinda did a fantastic job at this for their back yard Dayton wedding.

 No matter how long you have been together, that moment your lips touch for the first time as a married couple is one of the best kisses of your life. Megan will make sure you have a photo to never forget that feeling.

 There is something so magical and fairytale-esque about being married under a willow tree. AJ and Kriscinda’s backyard Dayton wedding was filled with that exact feeling all day long.

 Being able to capture the smallest moments of intimacy on a wedding day is top priority of Studio 22. Megan will go to whatever lengths (or heights) to grab this, such as using her drone for this portrait at this Dayton, Ohio wedding.

 Another thing that Megan enjoys at a wedding day is watching the bride and groom during toasts. This is a rare time in most of our lives when people are publicly are humiliating, loving on, reminiscing, and complimenting us all at once, and it is often an emotional rollercoaster.

 When you are invited to an outdoor summer wedding in Ohio what should you wear? Keeping it stylish and fun, but still relaxed and simple is what you should aim for. This guest wore is perfect!

 There is something spectacular about having an entire wedding outdoors. If you live in a geographic location where you can not only have the ceremony, but the reception as well outside (like summertime in Dayton, Ohio) DO IT! Your guests may not remember your centrepieces, but they will always remember dancing the night away under a blanket of stars

 Once the official deed is done, it’s time to let loose and have fun! There is so much going on during your wedding day and it goes so fast, but always ensure you take time to enjoy this day that you dreamed up. It only happens once. So let Megan make sure you don’t forget a single moment.

 One of the great things about having a wedding on private property is the ability to have epic parties that include 30 foot bonfires! AJ and Kriscinda’s wedding in Dayton, Ohio was full of laughter, fun, and fire filled passion!

 On your wedding day you cannot be there for every moment, with every guest. That is why Studio 22 focuses on not just grabbing photos of you and your main squeeze, but of all of your family and friends and their experience at your wedding.

 Shooting wedding receptions is one of Megan’s all time favorite things, however it becomes even more epic when the guests are all so close and so fun that it become a party of the ages.

 Bride and groom exits are always special. It is the last moment that your friends and family have to celebrate you all together in one place. So whether it is sparklers, confetti, or whatever unique thing you dreamed of be certain that Studio 22 Photography will capture that final moment for you in all it’s glory.

 An unreal sunset in Dayton, Ohio for AJ and Kriscinda’s wedding.




Wow, wonderful work. Beautifully captured all the moments. The pictures are so lively I feel like I am living the moments. It reminds me of my friend’s wedding. Nice work undoubtedly.

Hey, I’m here for the cover story captured a photo of Dillon and Corrie Jameson. Your work is really cool, not only for them but for everyone. ????

So glad you’re enjoying the photos! It is truly an honor to work with all my couples on their wedding days.

Superb ????????

Thanks so much!

This is insaneeeee!! Amazing woek, as always ????????

Thank you, Jete! It was a great day for everyone! ????

Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple! Great job Megan capturing all the fun! Thankful to witness such a beautiful day! -The Slone’s

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