Autumn is one of the best times for engagement photos, and it’s no secret why: everything is GORGEOUS outdoors in autumn! Engagement photos in Dayton are always beautiful, but when those leaves begin to change and turn to bright reds, oranges, and yellows, everything feels just a little more cozy, and cozy is exactly what Mike + Alicia are fantastic at. These two wandered Dayton with me for their engagement session, and through mud, poison ivy, brick dust, and celebrating an adventure well done, charcuterie, we had an absolute blast! (Well, minus the poison ivy scare…but never fear, we all walked away unscathed!)

Alicia connected with me through an incredible mutual contact and friend – Candice Cusic of Cusic Photography, who happens to be one of my wonderful friends and colleagues that calls Chicago home! We’ve photographed Chicago weddings together, and she is one of my favorite human beings on the planet; so, when Alicia said she’d found me through her, I knew we’d have a great time, because only the most awesome folks hang with Candice! And, sure enough, it was true of Alicia and Mike. Their adventure and playful nature was infectious to be around, and the best thing Alicia said to me was, “We chose you for your creative eye…so don’t be afraid to experiment and play!”

Well, you don’t have to tell me twice!

Alicia + Mike, thank you so much for being such a wonderful couple, being game to wander and play, and having a wonderful taste in charcuterie. It was such a blast to wander with you and get to chat long after the session had technically ended. I can’t wait to capture your Bell Event Center wedding in Cincinnati next August, and we DEFINITELY need to chat more about all the things between now and then! Cheers to a fantastic engagement session!

 Fall is one of the best times to get engagement photos taken. The vibrant colours, and cozy atmosphere create a warmth in the photos that is absolutely stunning. Alicia and Mike’s Dayton photoshoot was nothing short outstanding.

 Autumn brings brisk winds, but nothing keeps you warmer than snuggling up to the person you love. Mike and Alicia’s Dayton, Ohio engagement session was steamy despite the dropping temperatures.

 At Studio 22 we jump for joy when our couple’s are ready to wander, adventure, and have fun for a shoot. Mike and Alicia gave carte blanche to Megan to let her creative juices flow. It was an honor to capture their fall engagement photos.

 When a couple is willing to traverse through mud and poison ivy just to get that perfect shot, you know they are epic humans! Mike and Alicia brought it all when we explored for their Dayton engagement photos.

 We have gorgeous couples, but what makes us even happier is when they are not only beautiful but fun and full of life and love! When we take engagement photos we want you to feel comfortable to relax and be yourself like Mike and Alicia did.

 When choosing locations for engagement photos it is often better if we are allowed to just explore. Sometimes the unexpected spots turn into the coolest photos, like this simple brick wall in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

 Megan has all types of tools up her sleeves from photography techniques she has spent months perfecting, to the newest gear and gadgets to create the most epic images for you - like the Magmod gels behind Alicia and Mike in this silhouette.



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