Find the best Portland Wedding Photographer

Pacific Northwest Wedding Photographer

As a Pacific Northwest Wedding Photographer and Destination wedding photographer some of my favorite places to work as a Pacific Northwest wedding photographer are Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.


Portland Wedding Photographer

As a Portland wedding photographer I love the scenery that I get to use as my backdrop. Being a wedding photographer in Portland lends itself to lush green settings, water around every corner, and amazing couples who love taking it all in just as much as I do. The Pacific Northwest is like my second home so I do consider myself a Portland wedding photographer as well as a Seattle wedding photographer.

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Loving the Pacific Northwest, I would also consider myself a Vancouver wedding photographer. When looking for a wedding photographer in Vancouver I would encourage you to find a wedding photographer who is up for an adventure and understands the lay of the land. If your Vancouver wedding photographer is afraid of trekking into the great unknown you may find yourself wishing you would have located a more adventurous wedding photographer in Vancouver. Much like Portland, the backdrops that we will have at our fingertips in the Vancouver area are stunning and will absolutely blow you away! So, find the best wedding photographer in Vancouver!

Seattle Wedding Photographer

As a Seattle wedding photographer who specializes in capturing the connections that my couples have, the vibe in Seattle and the surrounding areas of the Pacific Northwest really lends itself to emotion and energy. I love taking my couples on unique adventures that allow them to freely be who they are when they are at their best. I have found that as a wedding photographer in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, my couples value the unknown adventure and have a desire to explore what’s out there so that, as their Seattle wedding photographer, I can capture their amazing experience together.


Pacific Northwest Engagement Photographer

Being a Seattle engagement photographer, Portland Engagement Photographer, Vancouver Engagement photographer, and northern California engagement photographer is absolutely amazing. I thrive on capturing the unique connection between each of my couples. The amazing backdrops in Portland, Seattle, and Northern California are absolutely complimentary to the photographs I create of each of my couples.

How to Find the Best Portland or Seattle Wedding Photographer

There are many factors that play into finding the best Portland wedding photographer or the best Seattle wedding photographer. These can be broken down into three simple steps:

  1. Personality
    Your relationship with your Seattle wedding photographer or your Portland wedding photographer is and should be intimate. As your wedding or engagement photographer in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver it is important for me to understand who you are on the deepest level so that I can capture photographs that will mean something to you years from now. Having a Seattle wedding photographer or Portland wedding photographer whose personality you click with is going to determine how deep you are able to get with them, which makes the personality piece of this so important.
  2. Style
    Each and every Seattle or Portland wedding photographer has their own unique style, which is made up of varying compositions, lighting, and equipment. You may have the exact same lighting and the exact same equipment but the composition or how the photographer visualizes the photo can be totally polar opposites of each other. Take a good long look through the portfolio of your Seattle wedding photographer or your Portland wedding photographer to get a solid understand of how they capture their couples.
  3. Investment
    Many couples categorize this as “budget” but how do you budget for something that is worth an unspeakable and unimaginable price 10 or even 50 years from now? Photography is an investment into your legacy and what you intend to leave behind for your loved ones. While it may seem like nickels and dimes out of a paycheck right now, 20 years from now, investing in those amazing photos will be worth every penny and then some. So, invest in the photographer whose personality you adore and who really sees who you are to your core. Invest in a photographer whose style you just can’t get enough of. Invest in a photographer who is going to create amazing, priceless memories that will be cherished for the many generations that lie ahead!Find the best Seattle wedding photographer or the best Portland wedding photographer by following these three easy steps to guide you through the process.