What do you say when you have a couple that had a wedding that was beyond words? When they are an incredible couple, inside and out, have an unbelievably fun family and friend base, and the entire day is a blast…and then something crazy happens on top of all the awesome that has already happened, and you wind up capturing something that goes viral, shocking all of you with the crazy response from the Internet?

Well…you embrace it, celebrate the craziness, and then post a blog to show that not only was there a crazy singular moment in their day, but that they had a CRAZY. AWESOME. WEDDING. the entire day!

Dillon + Corrie are two incredible human beings. They’re fun, creative, game for whatever, and just really wonderful people to hang out with. I knew this from their engagement session, but they took it up a notch on their wedding day, having a spectacular Dayton wedding by hopping all over town and hitting some of the best spots for portraits, moments abounded, and then said, “I do,” and celebrated all night at Top of the Market! From start to finish, their day was a blast to capture alongside my talented friend, Josh Farr, and I think once you check out the photos, you’ll see why we love these two.

Meeting up with Dillon at the Crowne Plaza hotel where he was getting ready with his groomsmen, we laughed together as he and his friends told us the tales of his bachelor party, shared stories of Dillon, and simply had a great time hanging out. His father had a wonderful idea to capture the day from their perspective and it was fun to see him videoing the stories Dillon will be able to look back on in the future. He continued to capture the rest of the day, which turned into an even better idea, when an unlikely turn of events happened at the reception!

When we reached Corrie, we immediately fell in love with the incredible Air BnB she had found in downtown Dayton above a barber shop. Decked out with unique details, and complete with a “Taco Pants” sign as big as a human, there was so much to play with! And as she had her hair and makeup done by Laken + Heidi, we captured her friends and family celebrating with her. From crazy group bathroom breaks, to making sure Corrie ate while having her hair done, to impromptu dance parties, Corrie and her crew knew how to start a wedding day right! And, when she slipped into her wedding dress, I knew Dillon was going to lose it when he laid eyes on her. She was STUNNING!

Opting to do their first look on the visually stunning front steps of the Dayton Art Institute, it was an emotional moment as Dillon + Corrie saw each other for the first time that day. They are truly such a wonderful pair, and after 6 years, it had all come to this day. It was real. It was their wedding day! After a few portraits there, we headed to Something Old Dayton for something I’ve never done before — Vanity Fair-esque wedding portraits with their wedding party! One of the fun aspects of the day was that Dillon + Corrie built enough time in to get really creative and produce something unique to their style in multiple locations. After rocking the studio style look, we wandered the building for more portraits before heading over to Top of the Market for their wedding.

Moments come at blazing speed during a wedding day, and the ceremony is obviously one of the most special parts of the day for the couple. As Corrie came down the aisle to her groom, there were tears of joy greeting her from Dillon, and the ceremony was beautiful. And, after they officially became Mr. & Mrs., it was time to take the party up a notch!

It’s no secret I absolutely love Top of the Market! It’s one of my favorite venues because of their love and care for their couples, they always throw a great party, and it’s a beautiful backdrop for a wedding day. Dillon + Corrie were no different, as they enlisted some of my favorite vendors to create a gorgeous space. The florals from Sherwood Florist were stunning, Party Pleasers put on a fantastic reception, and Something Old provided beautiful touches to fill the space. Stone House Sweets provided some absolutely delectable treats, and a great time was had by all.

And then something no one was expecting happened.

During the reception, guests began to run to windows. Looking out to see what the commotion was about, we realized a nearby abandoned warehouse had gone up in flames! After finding Dillon, and running to Corrie, we knew we had to capture this crazy moment — this was part of their day, too! So we quickly headed out of the reception, ran up the hill outside, and caught the blaze behind them from a safe distance away. It was a fleeting moment, but one I think everyone will remember for a long, long time.

Dillon + Corrie had one of the most memorable wedding days I’ve ever been a part of, and it was memorable from start to finish. From the silly, quiet moments in the morning, to the wild, fiery moments, to the hilariously rowdy party full of shenanigans, it was one wedding I’ll never forget. Thank you, Dillon + Corrie, for entrusting me with your moments, and allowing me to capture your day! And, a huge, huge thank you to Joshua Farr for coming and shooting with me on such an incredible day!

 When documenting a wedding, Studio 22 wants you to remember every part of your day (even if that means taking photos in front of a burning building across the street). Dillon and Corrie were so in sync with what they wanted, they came running to get this shot in Dayton, Ohio. This will be a wedding no one will forget, and a photograph for them to talk about for years to come.

 Megan Allen thrives on making sure that your detail shots are just as interesting as the rest of your wedding photos. She goes out of her way to find unique ways to display your important details for you to look back on.

 Getting ready shots are not actually about the act of getting ready, they are about the emotions, excitement, and intimate interactions between you and your favourite people. Studio 22 Photography makes sure to take photos that encapsulate exactly that.

 Studio 22 is not afraid to get close in order to allow the viewer to feel like they are a part of the action. This shower shot of Dillon (taken with his consent of course) is a perfect example of how getting close and using light can take a Dayton hotel bathroom shower before getting married and create a story.

 On her wedding day she will remember all of her hopes and dreams from this day when she was first a part of this special ritual. Studio 22 Photography believes that wedding photos allow the next generation to have a glimpse into the past and get transported back in time.

 On your wedding day there are things you know you want photographed, Studio 22 looks for the things you don’t know you want but will regret if you don’t and be ecstatic that you do. These little details are what separates wedding photography from storytelling.

 It is so important to have photographs of those people who will always have your back, especially on your wedding day. Megan Allen will always make sure to get those shots on your big day.

 It is Studio 22’s mission to capture the moments that you never want to forget throughout your day. This means not just the big moment, but the little memories as well.

 Getting ready on your wedding day is a chance for the people who you are closest with to come and support you in any way you need. Leave it to Megan to make sure to document that support in all it’s glory.

 Whether you are getting ready at your childhood home or a hotel like Dillon did in Dayton, Megan loves to capture the intimate moments before you said I do.

 A sign of the times. Let Studio 22 photography give you a perfect glimpse of exactly what life was life on your wedding day.

 The Air B’n’B that Corrie found in downtown Dayton was comfortable, hip, fun, and perfect for getting ready (and catching a quick cat nap).

 First looks are one of the most exciting and emotional moments of a wedding day. Making sure to create the most anticipation and in a picturesque location is something that Studio 22 prides themselves in. The Dayton Art Institute is a phenomenal location for your first moments together on your big day.

 The tenderness of being alone with just the one you love most, moments before you say ‘I do’.

 The gorgeous stone backdrop of the Dayton Art Institute is a stunning spot for wedding portraits.

 There is something extremely fun about finding new ways to do wedding portraits. For this wedding, Studio 22 Photography took the bridal party to Something Old Dayton to do a Vanity Fair style shoot.

 Megan loves to find ways to showcase multiple stories in one photograph. In this shot from Dillon and Corrie’s wedding at Top of the Market in Dayton, Ohio you can see the guests eagerly waiting the ceremony while Corrie arrives at the venue.

 Top of the Market in Dayton, Ohio is one of our absolute favourite venues to shoot at. The warm yet industrial feel, mixed with the incredible staff, make for perfect weddings every time.

 Regardless of how many creative shots that Megan will create for you, she always ensures to capture the quintessential moments.

 Adding your own personality to your wedding will always create fun wedding photographs. Dillon and Corrie danced out of their wedding ceremony at Top of the Market. The guests loved it.

 Top of the Market in Dayton, Ohio has multiple spaces for your wedding day that are equally unique and gorgeous. The Loft was the perfect spot for Dillon and Corrie’s intimate reception.

 Receptions are one of the most fun things for us to shoot at a wedding. We love capturing everyone letting loose and having fun! Dillon and Corrie’s reception at Top of the Market Dayton was a blast!

 Your wedding should be one of the happiest and most fun days of your life. You are around the people that mean the most to you, have created a day that expresses who both are, and are marrying your best friend. So relax, laugh, smile, and get down!

 Megan at Studio 22 Photography loves to get in close to capture the action, but don’t worry we guarantee you will forget she is there and your guests will love watching her lay on the floor or climb on chairs.

 Top of the Market in Dayton, Ohio has the perfect dance floors for you and your guests to bust a move.

 You will never get to have this day again, so make sure to soak in every moment with each other and Studio 22 Photography will be there to capture it for you to share with future generations for years to come.

 Your day has many stories to it. Your story with your partner, your stories with your friends and family, the details you planned, your ceremony, your attire etc. Your day also has many unplanned stories that make it memorable. For Dillon and Corrie one of those was a fire breaking out in an abandoned building down the street in Dayton, Ohio. As with every wedding Megan Allen was prepared to document the day completely to tell the whole story and this is a part of the day they will not forget!

 Burning passion… Megan loves when couples ask to do rad things (like take photos at a fire - all rules from emergency personal were respected). When you are open to doing crazy things, beautifully unique wedding portraits are easy to make!

 With the help of Magmod gels, Megan created a beautiful silhouette wedding portrait for Corrie and Dillon to end off the perfect day!



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