When your wedding coincides with the Royal Wedding, a bar is set. And not only did Caleb + Morgan rise to that challenge, they set a whole new level of awesome in the process! These two made French Park in Cincinnati a stunning backdrop for their wedding day, and it was an absolute blast getting to capture their day for them!

The French House, nestled in the French Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a gorgeous brick home with a beautifully manicured lawn, creating the perfect setting for a brunch wedding. Morgan was up bright and early getting ready, so I made my way down to capture it all for her. From the incredible cookies that may have become breakfast (I plead the fifth!), to the ridiculous amount of fun Caleb’s a cappella group was at the reception, every step of their wedding day was fantastic!

And, even when the rain threatened to change their plans, Caleb + Morgan were easy going, fun, and ready for anything we could dream up. As the radar threatened to pop up storms all around us, there was one pocket of clear blue skies…right over us! So as Morgan walked down the aisle to Caleb, the skies were clear, blue, and beautiful, as they remained throughout their ceremony. And, as the reception began, the downpour hit!

No matter what the weather gave us, Caleb + Morgan were the best, and nothing could stop their beautiful day. Caleb + Morgan, thank you so very much for allowing me to capture your wedding day for you. It was such a blast, and I would be remiss not to thank the incredible Josh Farr for coming and shooting with me for the day. It was truly a pleasure to get to create alongside a fellow creative and Two Mann Metanoia alumni, and I look forward to creating more with him in the future.

 Snuggled close for formal wedding portraits at French Park in Cincinnati. It is always an added bonus when your venue has endless locations to photograph so we don’t have to waste your time driving somewhere.

 Your wedding day is not just a day that you have been looking forward to, but your family and friends as well. The pride, excitement, and multitude of emotions that everyone feels on your big day make your wedding photos something extra special to cherish.

 The little gestures of love that are not seen by everyone attending the wedding, are often some of the sweetest.

 Studio 22 wants to capture those quiet moments for you to look back on. Here Morgan was taking a minute to herself to read the letter from Caleb before her ceremony at French Park in Cincinnati.

 One thing that Megan is passionate about is creating unique images for each of her couples. This means that no two ring shots will be the same, and who says rings need to be still to be photographed?

 The old brick house at French Park in Cincinnati was such a classy wedding venue. It’s old world feel mixed with the perfectly manicured gardens create a luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere.

 The house in French Park in Cincinnati was such a fantastic location for a first look. Megan was able to stay on the upper level while Morgan descended the stairs to Caleb, allowing for a spectacular vantage point to capture the moment.

 Don’t let weather get you down on your wedding day. It is the perfect chance for you to snuggle in close and provides intimate and loving photos.

 Wedding portraits do not have to be static. Often times when Megan captures in between moments, they end up being some of the most genuine and beautiful photos and the couples adore them.

 Cincinnati is filled with gorgeous parks and venues like Ault park and Devou Park, however The French House at French park blew us away for their outdoor ceremony venue. The manicured lawns and gardens created the most picturesque backdrop for ceremony photos.

 Many brides dream of the look on their future spouse’s face when they walk down the aisle. That is a look you never want to forget. That is why Megan always makes sure to be ready to photograph that spectacular instant of love, excitement, comfort, and the realization that you are about to be married!

 Sneaking a peek at the happy couple at The French House in Cincinnati.

 The happiest moment of the day, when you are announced as finally married! Studio 22 wants that moment to be felt by you, over and over each time you look at your wedding photographs.

 Two lives but their hearts now become one. We love when special traditions or ceremonies are added to a wedding. These personal touches make your day more memorable, and give bountiful opportunities for beautiful wedding photos.

 One of the greatest things about a brunch wedding is that we never are racing the clock for light. We had plenty of time in beautiful light to create Morgan and Caleb’s wedding portraits at The French House in Cincinnati.

 The tender strength of a lovers hands captured by Megan Allen at Caleb and Morgan’s wedding in Cincinnati, Ohio

 The gorgeous greens that surrounded Morgan and Caleb at The French House in Cincinnati, Ohio allowed for spectacular places for formal wedding portraits.

 The first man she ever loved. Capturing the deepest emotions of a father and daughter on her wedding day is of the utmost importance to Megan. These photos with your parents will be with you long after they are gone and should convey the depth of love between you.

 Anticipation… Photographing the moment right before the ‘moment’ creates a deep emotional impact on the people viewing the photograph later. Studio 22 enjoys finding ways to keep people engaged in wedding photographs.

 Having games or other activities to entertain your guests during cocktail hour while you take your portraits, and the reception is a fantastic way to create more memories for them as well as allowing people to stay occupied and not focusing on when dinner is coming.

 Photo guest books are an outstanding idea. This ensures you have a photo of each of your guests, and also creates a time capsule for future generations!

 This wedding at French Park in Cincinnati blew everyone away.




Another beautiful job, Megan. Your photos truly enable our clients to re-live the special moments of the day.

Thank you so much, Brigid! We are lucky to get to help create memories for our couples on their biggest day! Thanks for always being a wonderful vendor friend. I always cheer when I see you on the list! ????

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