There are couples that come into my life and simply feel like long lost friends. There are couples I jokingly say I’m adopting because of how awesome they are. And, quite honestly, I’m blessed because many of my couples become dear friends. However, Caleb + Leanna took this phenomenon one step further by basically adopting *me* and my friend/second photographer, Ray, before the wedding had barely begun! What do I mean, you ask? Read on to find out what this incredible gem city wedding was all about!

Never having met Caleb and Leanna before the wedding day, Ray asked me what I thought the day would be like. I told him I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. However, nothing could have prepared me for how amazing the day was! Starting with dropping Ray off with the guys, we were warmly welcomed by everyone. It’s always nice to be met with awesome personalities, but these guys take it a step further. They’re hilarious, open hearted, and even in the short time I was there, I was sucked in to their shenanigans. I knew Ray would have a great time with them. And, upon arriving to Leanna, I quickly realized that she and her wedding party were exactly the same! This entire group is amazing, and getting to spend time with them felt like falling in with old friends.

Time flew as everyone got ready, and laughter was in no short supply. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the Bergamo Center for their first look. As we arrived, we saw the guys were there and ready to go, and excitement began to run high. Leanna + Caleb have a fun relationship — one that is a true joy to witness. Leanna teased Caleb as she walked up to him, and from the moment they caught their first glance of one another, smiles never disappeared from their faces. They’re simply joyful people, and it’s impossible not to feel that while being around them.

Now, it’s no secret that one of my absolute favorite wedding venues in Dayton is Top of the Market. The couples that get married at Top of the Market are always fun, never take themselves too seriously, and have the best wedding receptions in Dayton. However, sometimes I forget to mention just how amazing the people at the venue of Top of the Market are! When Caleb + Leanna’s original wedding venue plans fell through, Emily and her crew rallied to give them the best wedding ceremony site that ToM could offer. They’re just the best, most kind-hearted people in the Gem City. And, after a beautiful wedding ceremony, it was time to get the party started!

And get the party started they did! From the moment the dance floor opened, it was full of shenanigans. They encored, they sparkler exited, then encored again. Then, when they’d run out of encores, they after-partied at Tumbleweed Connection, one of their favorite bars in the Oregon District! When Leanna asked Ray and I to come out with them to the Tumbleweed, it was the first time I’d been there. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but again they threw down an impressive party. Rallying the patrons, the band playing, and practically everyone in the Oregon District within distance, Caleb + Leanna danced on the bar, threw champagne showers, and became the first wedding couple to ever crowd surf. These two know how to start a marriage off right!

With all of the amazing moments these two had, it’s tough to put into words just how special they are. They’ve since become wonderful friends, and Leanna even came ghost hunting with me at Mansfield Prison…something I’m sure she hadn’t been anticipating on doing with her wedding photographer when she booked me! It’s always a joy when friendships develop, and I cherish all my couples. Leanna + Caleb, thank you for inviting Ray and I into your lives and sharing your adventurous spirits with us. Your loved ones are incredible, and we loved getting to document your day for you. Let’s party again soon!

Also, huge shout out and thank you to Ray Prop for coming and photographing this wedding with me! You’re incredible, my friend, and I’m so glad you were able to make it out from St. Louis to party with us here at a Gem City wedding. I hope you’ll do it again soon!

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