As a former writer-turned-photographer, many times I think of words that fit my couples. Sometimes they’re simple, and other times, I feel like I need to choose a phrase. However, if I had to choose a word for Brad + Adam, I’d say their word would be synergy. Together, these two make a better team than apart. In my short time with them in New York City during their engagement photos at the High Line, I could see their beautiful connection with one another. You could see their genuine joy to be around one another. Throughout the afternoon, they championed one another so beautifully. They’re truly a team, and it’s a beautiful thing — both on and off camera!

I couldn’t wait to meet up with these two for engagement photos in the High Line district of New York City. After connecting with Brad via Instagram (the great uniter of people!), I knew they would be a total blast to hang out with. And, true to my suspicions, they were amazing! From the word go, these two were charming, kind, and full of endless smiles. It was a perfect combination for a fantastic afternoon!

Starting our adventure along the High Line, we wandered the streets of New York City after exploring above the streets for a while. No matter the backdrop, these two brought their A game, and the results were fantastic. One of my favorite portions of our time together, though, was during their outfit changes. While each one changed, I chatted with them about the things they loved about one another. Their responses were so kind, and went beyond the surface. I love hearing couples dig deep on what they love the most about their partners. These two definitely have a love and appreciation for one another that is super inspiring.

Brad + Adam, thank you so much for spending you afternoon with me! It was such an honor to get to create these images with you, and I can’t wait to get to know you two more in the future! Congratulations, and cheers to wedding planning adventures!

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