Iceland. The land of fire and ice. The land where you can drive a mile, and the weather changes from one season to the next.

The land where some of the best memories I’ve ever made on a shoot happened.

From the moment I stepped off the plane and connected with Aubin + Tanner, the adventure was on. We drove all over the Western and Southern coasts, stopping along the way at spots we loved, adventuring into ice caves on top of volcanoes, got stuck in a massive, sudden blizzard, found hidden hot springs in the sides of mountains, and enjoyed hot tubs while it was still light out at 11 pm.

Basically, the entire trip was magical, and Aubin + Tanner made an already beautiful place even more amazing simply by being incredible human beings themselves. Together, they are adventurous, funny, and ready to wander. We started our adventure in the northwest corner, curling up in a wonderful cottage in the village of Arnarstapi. Waking up the next morning to a white out blizzard, we took the morning to shoot inside in the warmth. After the snow subsided, we began our journey to the southwest town of Vík, and explored that corner of the country for the remainder of the adventure. Each day we found a new place to explore, and through 40 mile an hour winds, Aubin was a champion and sported a gorgeous dress from BHLDN, while Tanner kept her warm in an embrace.

And, throughout the shooting adventures, we enjoyed the country! Ending the trip at the Blue Lagoon before heading back to America, we enjoyed a great spa day after a wonderful 4 days of conversation, dream sharing, and laughter. Aubin + Tanner, thank you so much for trusting me when I suggested an adventure to a country none of us had ever been to, and for rocking out in some of the craziest weather conditions we’ve ever experienced! I’m so excited to see where your adventures take you, and I’m so thankful for your friendship.

Next time let’s go to Thailand!

 Aubin and Tanner brought the heat to the frigid temperatures of Iceland. These two were willing to traverse wind, snow and ice to allow Megan to create spectacular couples portraits for them. The greatest part about shooting couples in the cold is you don’t have to ask them twice to cuddle close together.

 Megan is ready, willing and excited to travel to all corners of the globe and explore for those perfect shots. From the volcanic rocks of Iceland to the sandy shores of the Caribbean, castles in Italy to the Rocky Mountains in Canada, Megan loves nothing more than adventuring with her couples and creating new and unique ways to show their story.

 When choosing to do outdoor couple’s photographs people find it difficult to choose what to wear. The number one thing, regardless of location is that you want to be comfortable. If you are not, then it will show in pictures. If the background is going to be in natures (so a lot of earth tones) it is always nice to add pops of colour to help yourself stand out from the surroundings. It doesn’t mean you need to wear orange, but adding something that isn’t in the neutrals/blues/green palate will make a huge difference in the look of your photographs.

 Iceland is a bucket list location for many people (rightfully so). When Studio 22 got the opportunity to photograph Aubin Wise from the Chicago cast of Hamilton and her partner Tanner in Iceland, it was a dream come true. Megan knew she couldn’t miss out on a single moment with them and made sure (as always) to take advantage of being able to explore, adventure, and let her creative juices flow. This shot goes to show that couple’s photos don’t need to be stereotypical. Let the surroundings help you to discover exciting poses and possibilities.

 Swept away in a land far from home in each other’s arms. Tanner and Aubin Wise (of the Chicago Hamilton cast) looked like they belonged in a fairytale on their couple’s photoshoot in Iceland. Their strength and tenderness shone through each portrait.

 Winter couple’s shoots don’t have to mean freezing yourselves. Layers, accessories, and pops of colour can create cozy (and warm) portraits. Aubin did a fantastic job at pairing her jacket and scarf on this Iceland photoshoot with Studio 22 Photography.

 When deciding what to do for snow filled photoshoots, it is imperative to add pops of colour to stand out from the muted background. Tanner and Aubin (of Hamilton: An American Musical) used a cozy blanket to stay warm and add some colour to their icy winter couple’s shoot in Iceland.

 The chilly temperatures of Arnarstapi, Iceland were no match for the warmth of the love between these two. Aubin and Tanner’s couple’s portraits were some of the most fun that Megan has taken. The great thing about Aubin and Tanner is that they were willing to turn it all over to Megan’s creativity and let her adventure to find spectacular spots to shoot.

 When the temperature dropped outside in Arnarstapi, Iceland Tanner and Aubin turned up the heat inside for a couple’s boudoir shoot early morning at the Air b’n’b they were staying at. This photograph goes to show that a couple’s shoot can be hot without being super revealing.

 Iceland is home to countless stunning landscapes to shoot incredible portraits, but Megan Allen envisioned more than just scenic photos for these two. Studio 22 is all about showing the real you, the raw emotions between you and your partner so an impromptu couple’s session first thing in the morning at the Air B’n’B was the perfect opportunity to capture the spark between Aubin and Tanner.

 Iceland is not known for it’s warmth, but with some comfy blankets and the passion between these two it was heating up real quick. Aubin (of Hamilton: The American Musical) and Tanner have chemistry that lights up a room. Megan was on cloud nine being able to capture these two for some intimate and cozy couple’s portraits.

 When people think of destination weddings and engagements they often think of places like Vegas, Caribbean, or some place warm. Megan Allen at Studio 22 Photography is ready to adventure and explore any location worldwide for your destination photographs. Choosing a location that isn’t a typical resort spot allows for many more individual looks and touches to your wedding or engagement photos.

 When Megan Allen at Studio 22 Photography is taking couple’s portraits, she is working hard to creatively ensure that neither you nor the landscape are overpowering an image. She wants everything in the image to flow seamlessly in order to properly convey the feeling. It takes more than just a pretty place or a beautiful couple to make an image. It takes the ability to see and feel the whole photograph ahead of time. Megan will make sure all your images are powerful and beautiful like this one of Tanner and Aubin in Iceland.

 In all weather, we adventure. It doesn’t matter if it is the hottest day or blizzards are afoot. Snow, rain, hail and sun don’t stop us from creating epic portraits and capturing intimate moments together. Aubin and Tanner were up for exploring through all weather changes and every kind of terrain at their couple’s shoot at Black Sand Beach in Vik Iceland.

 Love as strong and steady as a mountain and as deep as the sea.. Megan captured Aubin and Tanner’s steadfast love perfectly at Black Beach in Iceland.

 Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland is spectacular to begin with, add a beautiful couple who have incredible chemistry and who are willing to give Megan Allen of Studio 22 the reins and you get a piece of art.



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