Orlando is full of amazing places to have a wedding, and the Knowles Memorial Chapel is one of the best Orlando wedding venues you can imagine. With the stunning stained glass, beautiful grounds, and on the campus of Rollins College, there are plenty of beautiful places for wedding portraits, and we definitely took advantage of them during Ryan + Jacci’s wedding day!

As a professional wedding photographer, it’s one of my greatest joys to be invited into a group of friends and get the honor of photographing multiple friends’ weddings. I met Ryan + Jacci while photographing Connor + Jenny’s wedding in Naples, Florida, and when it came time for their turn, it was an honor to be asked to come back to Florida for their wedding.

When I arrived to photograph Ryan getting ready, it was a blast to see him interact with his groomsmen and see their camaraderie with one another. Photographing their interactions was a blast, and the best moment was witnessing all of them support Ryan while he wrote his wedding vows. The quiet moments are some of my favorites to capture as a wedding photographer, and when couples trust me enough to allow me to photograph those special moments on a wedding day, it’s amazing!

Meeting with Jacci and her wedding party was equally fun, and they had me laughing from the moment I began photographing them. It’s clear they love one another and their friendship was great to witness. And, even more than simply being there for the bride, it was clear that Jacci’s crew equally adored one another, which was super cool to see!

One of the sweetest moments of a wedding day for me, as a professional photographer, is the moment right before the first look. Ryan + Jacci had a beautiful first look, and as they had a quiet prayer together before Ryan turned around, it was hard not to get a little choked up! These two are an incredible couple, and from there on out, their wedding day was an amazing, fun-filled day!

Choosing the Knowles Memorial Chapel as the site for their wedding ceremony in Orlando was a personal touch, as Jacci attended Rollins College. The interior of this church was stunning, and as the sun set, the stained glass painted the church an array of colors. And, after a heartfelt ceremony led by the bride’s grandfather, we prepared for one fantastic wedding reception!

One of the key elements of a wedding is choosing your wedding party, and they are there for you throughout your wedding day. When Jacci chose her wedding party, she chose the best people possible, because her matron of honor got the party started by coming out in an inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex outfit! If your wedding party isn’t coming out to dance to the Wobble in a T-Rex suit, have you really chosen the right people for your day?! It was hilarious, and the rest of the evening was equally hilarious and fun.

Ryan + Jacci, thank you so much for allowing me to be your wedding photographer. It was an honor to capture your wedding day for you, and I wish you a lifetime of happiness. Now, let’s get to these wedding photos and get the party started!



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