What’s more fun than hanging with a fun couple? Hanging with a fun couple in a city I haven’t gotten to photograph before! After having a great Thanksgiving dinner with these two, I asked if they would be game to go wander Madison with me to work some of that pumpkin pie and turkey off, and create some images in the process. Thankfully they were game to go play, and we had an absolute blast!

Having lived in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for a while, Wisconsin has a special place in my heart. Having the opportunity to get to photograph an awesome couple in Madison was a fun adventure, and we started off by grabbing coffees at Collectivo, a funky coffee shop that started in Milwaukee. After warming up and psyching ourselves up, we headed out on the town, wandering State Street and the University of Wisconsin Campus, stopping as things caught our eye. Once we’d explored a bit, we went on the hunt for a dock area I’d noticed on the way over, and thanks to Google Maps Satellite, we found it with ease.

And oh, what fun the docks were! We played, hoped the docks were sturdy, and managed to all stay above the water, which is a win! Throughout it all, Megan + Gabriel were champs and game to humor whatever crazy idea we thought up.

Gabriel + Megan, thanks for being game to wander Madison with me! I hope you both have a great rest of your Thanksgiving break!

 Madison Wisconsin is full of picture perfect spots for you and that special someone to snuggle in close for a gorgeous couples or engagement shoot. Megan Allen at Studio 22 Photography found this quaint little dock (with the help of Google) that provided a beautiful backdrop for these two gorgeous people.

 When Megan Allen is taking photographs of her couples she wants the final image to make her (and anyone who sees the photo) feel like they are right there. They should be able to tell not just the temperature but the emotion. This means she will get high, get low, get near, or far depending on what the moment calls for. Gabriel and Megan were great sports as Megan got in tight for this shot of them on their adventures through Madison Wisconsin.

 You do not need elaborate scenery to create spectacular images. Megan at Studio 22 Photography can create a one of a kind image for you with any backdrop. She has the tools and the training to find new ways to see the world around us, which gives simple things like a brick wall in Madison the potential to turn into this image.

 Collectivo Coffee was the perfect stop to warm up along our adventures in Madison Wisconsin for Megan and Gabriel’s couples shoot this Thanksgiving.

 Fall photo sessions bring out the best looks. The rich and deep jewell tones, the layers and the accessories all combine into beautiful images. It also helps that the chilly temperatures force couples to snuggle in tighter than they may in the heat of the summer sun.

 With days getting shorter as the year is drawing the a close, the time for photographs is getting earlier. Despite that window closing, there is nothing quite as stunning as an autumn sky (especially when the backdrop for these two adorable humans). Madison Wisconsin was such a fun spot to explore and capture for Megan and Gabriel’s couple’s photoshoot.

 Waterfront views, a cuddly couple and a Madison Wisconsin autumn sunset are the perfect recipe for a piece of art. Megan says an extra word of thanks when nature graces her with something extra special when shooting a couple’s shoot.



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