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Matt + Brandy | Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort | Nassau Wedding Photography


I have to start off by admitting something: I am extremely biased when it comes to the Bahamas. It might be my favorite place on earth, simply because of the emotional attachment I have to it; I met my husband in Eleuthera, and a year later, he proposed there. So when Brandy approached me and asked me how spontaneous I was with shooting weddings, and that their wedding was a month away in Nassau, I nearly jumped out of my seat with a resounding “Please let me shoot your wedding!” The opportunity to document the start of another couple’s journey together in the Bahamas was something I couldn’t possibly pass up, and I was beyond thrilled when Brandy and Matt said they would love for me to be their photographer.

And oh, how wonderful of a wedding they had! Even though they were in another country, they made sure they Skyped their family throughout the day, and they were conscientious enough to be sure to include a “Skype Table” at the ceremony, where even my phone got in on the action, and we called their loved ones to witness the nuptials. The reverend was one of the most amazing officiants I have had the pleasure to watch, and he expertly involved the family, who gathered via social media from the United States and Qatar. It truly felt like the family was there, even though there were thousands of miles (and oceans!) between them.

Of course, one can’t dismiss the fact that they were married in the Bahamas. The weather was perfect, the backdrop to the day was filled with beautiful hibiscus, sea breezes, and the crashing of waves, and the people of the island honked and cheered their congratulations to the couple as we roamed downtown Nassau for their portraits. It was, simply put, one of the most laid back, yet most joyous weddings I’ve had the pleasure to photograph. Matt and Brandy are two of the sweetest people, and they invited me into their ceremony like family; I even had the honor of signing as a witness for them!

Matt & Brandy, congratulations. Your choice in countries to be married in is phenomenal (Nope, not biased in the Bahamas favor at all, I tell you!), and the love and support that surrounded your day was such an honor to witness. I wish you all the best in the world, and enjoy the rest of your honeymoon at Sandals Royal Bahamian while the rest of us freeze here in Ohio! 🙂



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