Welcome to New York City…the Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, and the epic location of Kenton + Sarah’s fantastic wedding over Memorial Day Weekend! When they shared their vision for their wedding day with me — complete with a fun picnic in Bryant Park before the ceremony — I knew we would have a blast. And did we ever! These two are so fun, so full of joy, and so ready to share that joy with everyone around them, that it’s impossible to not catch that infectious happiness they give to everyone they see. From start to finish, Kenton, Sarah, their family, and friends were such fun to spend the day celebrating alongside, and the true love and support their family and friends provide Kenton + Sarah is incredible.

It’s rare to find a truly solid support system, and throughout a wedding day, you’ll quickly see who the couple depends on the most in life come to their aide on their special day. However, in the case of Kenton + Sarah, there weren’t just one or two key people — everyone there was 100% invested, 100% supportive, and 100% ready to celebrate with them in whatever form that took on. From Sarah’s friends prepping the picnic basket with just the right goodies, to Kenton’s friend getting the nighttime bags ready and sent to the hotel well before the end of the night, and everything in between, people rose to the occasion to make the day flawless, fun, and one to remember! With Sarah’s father, as well as one of their mutual friends, joining together to marry Kenton and Sarah, the ceremony was special and full of moments to remember. And, in between the little things that add up to make the big picture all come together, everyone celebrated, hugged, and danced their faces off in tribute to these two incredible souls!

Kenton + Sarah chose the 3 West Club as their New York City wedding venue, and what a beautiful space it truly was. With multiple levels and each room serving a different purpose, we celebrated the ceremony on one floor, cocktail hour below, and then went to the beautiful lounge for desserts. After having a fantastic day at the 3 West Club, we snuck out for some nighttime portraits in New York City itself, finishing the evening at the stunning Oculus, part of the World Trade Center.

Kenton + Sarah, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beautiful wedding and inviting me into your world. It was an honor to be able to catch your moments for you, and I can’t wait to see what new adventures the two of you get into in the future!

 New York City is full of endless opportunities for outstanding wedding photos, so choosing a spot for unique bride and groom portraits was a tough decision. Megan ended up taking Kenton and Sarah to Oculus for a modern, clean, urban look.

 You look at your wedding rings every day, so Megan believes that your ring shot should be something special in order to grab your attention. Using an old book from 3 West Club Hotel’s library was a great way to bring the old world feel and the new beginnings of this marriage together.

 What can be more poetic than getting ready to start the new chapter in your own fairytale than getting ready in a library. The 2 West Club in New York City was the perfect spot for Kenton and Sarah’s wedding.

 Megan Allen at Studio 22 wants to be there for all the big and small moments of your day. She knows how much every second of your big day means to you and so she wants to ensure you have those moments frozen in time forever.

 It isn’t just brides that have details to shoot. Often times grooms forget about the little things they have that mean something as well. Whether it is your tie, shoes, and special socks or a pocket watch and cufflinks like Kenton had at his NYC wedding Megan wants to make sure that those small pieces of your outfit are memorialized.

 Getting ready shots are essential moments of your day that you want captured and Studio 22 Photography will make sure that they always look fantastic. Having a stunning location with beautiful natural light, like the library at 3West Club in NYC turns these staple photos into something worth framing.

 When it comes to timelines on your wedding day, if you do not have a wedding planner specifically setting things out we highly recommend asking your photographer. As wedding photographers we have been to hundreds of weddings and know the basic outline of how long things take. We also know (based off what you have said you want pictures of) how much time needs to be set aside to get the shots you want, as easily and perfectly as we can. At Studio 22 Photography Megan always sits down with her couples to run through timelines and must have photos, just to be sure there is enough allotted space to make it all happen.

 Right up until your wedding day you will be tying up loose ends, once your day comes though it is important to just let it all go, pass on responsibility to other people, accept help and be present with your partner and your favourite people in the world. Megan Allen thrives off of capturing the stories of your wedding day, and this includes how others are helping you out (like Kenton’s groomsmen at his NYC wedding).

 You wedding day is planned to what seems to be the second, but if we can remind you of one thing it is how important it is to take those extra couple minutes. That can be a minute to yourself to reflect and breathe, a minute with your new spouse (HIGHLY recommended) or a few minutes with a friend or family member that mean the world to you. Those are the things that will stay in your mind for years to come once the memories of specifically what time you walked into your reception hall, or what song was playing when you cut the cake. Megan at Studio 22 photography will make sure that those memories you are creating are made into images to look back upon.

 You have planned your wedding to be completely you, so let Studio 22 Photography capture that essence. This NYC wedding wouldn’t have been complete without an image of NYC as a background. 3West Club, was an amazing venue for every aspect of the wedding day and was in a stellar location for photographs.

 Every step of your day is a page in your story, let Megan Allen capture the images that will speak the 1000 words. Kenton and Sarah knew they wanted to do something totally different on their wedding day and they entrusted Studio 22 Photography to capture those moments for them. From New York taxi rides, to carrousels, and traditions she was there to make sure that not a second was missed in telling their story.

 No two weddings are ever the same. Each couple puts a bit of themselves into making it their special day. Kenton and Sarah made sure that their day was perfectly them by adding all sorts of little touches such as this picnic in Bryant Park in New York City before the ceremony to get those extra nerves out.

 Who said there is a particular way that a wedding day is supposed to go? At Studio 22 Photography Megan gets so excited when couples take it upon themselves to create a fairytale in their own way. Kenton and Sarah made sure to be present and enjoy every second, and they made sure to have fun every minute of their day.

 You don’t need to be in LA to get that Hollywood feel. Kenton and Sarah’s New York City wedding was like something out of an old movie. Megan at Studio 22 loved capturing their classic day. When couples come to Megan with ideas for their day that are out of the ordinary she gets so beyond excited. If you have a unique or different idea for your big day, send Studio 22 a message to see what she can do with your ideas.

 They say opposites attract. In the case of Kenton and Sarah you could not find a more perfect match. Megan is always keeping an eye out for different ways to showcase a couple on their wedding day. Whether it is using interesting locations, light, shadows, or colour you are guaranteed unique wedding photos when Studio 22 Photography takes you wedding photos.

 Wedding photos are not just for you to take a trip down memory lane, they are taken for generations to come. Having photographs of little details, like your handwritten vows is something that Megan wants to make sure to capture for you as they are the little details that future generations will cherish.

 Megan Allen is always in search of new and beautiful wedding venues to create images in. 3 West Club in NYC was the perfect venue. It has multiple levels to create unique spaces for each part of your wedding day. From getting ready to the ceremony, cocktail hour to the reception everything can take place on site (which your guests will love and leaves lots of time for gorgeous photos to be taken. )

 Having a skilled wedding photographer is extremely important in capturing the pivotal moments of your day, but in order to get those epic photos you dream of you need to meet the photographer half way. Kenton and Sarah were full of excitement, emotions and passion. This combination created some spectacular images by Megan Allen from Studio 22 Photography at their NYC wedding.

 The first dance is not just for the two of you, it is for your guests as well. This is their chance to celebrate you and surround you with love as you begin those steps of marriage together. Megan at Studio 22 Photography makes sure to truly capture your dance, as well as all the quintessential moments of your wedding day, from a fresh perspective, like this bird’s eye view of Kenton and Sarah’s first dance at 3 West club in New York City.

 Number one suggestion to get the best wedding photos ever… have fun! This day happens once in your life. You have spent probably months, or even years planning it. That was the time to worry about details, stress about people, and make serious decisions. Your wedding day is the time to let go of any of that stress and enjoy! As you do that Megan will be there ready to make the magic happen.

 Whether it is your college roommate or your second cousin twice removed, make sure to take a minute to connect with your guests. You invited these people because they mean something to you, they came because you mean something to them. Weddings are about those connections and relationships. There is something extraordinary about the celebration of two people starting the next chapter in their lives. Studio 22 is honored to be able to memorialize these moments into snapshots of your day for you to hold onto forever.

 Forget dancing like no one is watching, dance like a kid (they have more fun). Having the excited, creative, and silly vibes of children at a wedding (especially the reception) helps to allow guests to relax and let loose. Children give us all ‘permission;’ to be ourselves and have fun .Whenever Studio 22 sees children at a wedding, Megan knows that there will be countless spectacular moments for her to take photographs of, like these two adorable little girls at Sarah and Kenton’s wedding at 3 West Club NYc.

 The excitement on this flower girl’s face is the equivalent to what Megan looks like when she finds out that a fun, adventurous, and trusting couple want her to shoot their wedding photos. Megan is always on the lookout for couple’s who are ready to push themselves (and her gear) to the next level to create images that will stand out among the rest. So whether you are in New Zealand, Zimbabwe, The Northwest Territories, or rural Pennsylvania, if you are ready to have wedding photos that are above and beyond, give Megan a call!

 One thing that Megan at Studio 22 Photography looks for is different ways to frame a wedding portrait. She always makes sure to take your standard photos, however she wants to make sure each of her couples get a photograph that they were not expecting. This image taken at The Oculus in NYC is one example of a unique way Megan created a bride and groom portrait.



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