Sometimes, the world hands you amazing opportunities, and you just have to run with them. I feel as though this entire week of traveling, learning, and shooting has been one giant opportunity, and while it has undoubtedly been the most exhausting week in an extremely long time, it has also been the most amazing week of my career…and it’s only halfway done! 

When Rachel and I began talking about the idea of shooting together, she told me that she and Ram would be game for anywhere, and would do whatever crazy thing I could come up with. So, when I asked her if they’d be game to meet me in Portland, Oregon, and wander a full day all over Oregon, she replied with a resounding yes, without hesitation! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was, and our journey together did not disappoint!

Waking up before the sun rose, we started our journey as any good journey begins: with coffee! Once we had our Starbucks, we headed to our first location: Elowah Falls just outside Portland. From the start, Ram and Rachel were fabulous, adventurous, and simply a blast to hang out with! They snuggled and kept one another warm as the mist from Elowah swirled around them, soaking them through their absolutely stunning traditional Indian wedding attire. Rachel’s vibrant, ruby-red dress popped against the rich greens of nature, and Ram’s gold sherwani offset Rachel’s attire perfectly. They looked like they had stepped out of a fairytale, and it was absolutely breathtaking to capture their love for one another. 

After finishing at the falls, we headed to Oneonta Gorge, where they hiked, scaled a huge log jam, and then trekked through the riverbed that felt as though it was plucked from a fantasy novel. Green ferns and ivy coated the gorge walls, and miniature waterfalls fell along the sides…but nothing detracted from the beauty of the two of them. They laughed, flirted, and embraced each other, soaking up the day of adventure and time to spend with each other away from technology and work.   

After climbing back out of the gorge, we headed out of Portland for our sunset location: the Painted Hills. Four hours of driving and hunting for these elusive hills later, we found them, and man, did they deliver! The sun wrapped around Ram + Rachel as it sunk lower in the sky, illuminating them and sparking the colors of the hills around us. It was truly a breathtaking sight, and through it all, Ram + Rachel were true adventurers, relentless, and fearless. 

Today is the kind of day that inspires me. Ram + Rachel are free spirits, ready to adventure, and most importantly, wildly in love. It’s an infectious kind of happiness you see in them; it’s something that can’t be coached or staged…they simply embrace life and each other in a way that makes you smile. It was a joy to be able to see some of Oregon’s amazing locations with them, and I hope these images inspire you as much as Ram + Rachel inspired me.

And, above all, thank you, Ram + Rachel, for entrusting me with your day and images. It was an honor, and you two are such an inspiration. Never lose your love for adventure and each other.  



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Stunning! Like a fairy tale <3

Thank you! They were a wonderful couple to spend the day with.

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