When I first met Brent + Lindsay, I thought they were a quiet, more reserved couple. We had a blast at their engagement session as we wandered Eastwood Metro, and I left feeling pretty confident that their wedding would be a good time. However, their wedding was more than just a good time; once we got warmed up, they proved to be one of the most fun, game for anything couples I have had the honor of photographing! From the moment I arrived and celebrated with Lindsay and her girls, to the wettest, wildest rain photos during the reception, to the hilarious tie limbo contests, every moment of their rainy day wedding was a blast. Their wedding was one that will go down in the books as a total blast, start to finish.

The Manor House & Carriage House in Cincinnati, Ohio played as Brent + Lindsay’s backdrop for their wedding day, and it was absolutely gorgeous. From their manicured lawns, to the fountains, and the gorgeous open wood beams in the reception hall, every aspect of their day was beautifully done. Plus, they teamed up with some of my absolute favorite vendors, with Sherwood Florist providing stunning wedding florals (as usual!), Party Pleasers bringing the party to full steam with their music choices, and Studio 58 Media doing an absolutely gorgeous wedding video for the new Mr. & Mrs. When you hire such a fantastic team for your wedding day, not only are you setting yourself up for a win, it’s a fantastic day for everyone!

While Brent + Lindsay had been hoping for an outdoor wedding, the weather in Ohio isn’t the most reliable, as was evidenced on their wedding day. Rather than be bummed out, however, they were open and game to what the day would hold. Deciding to do their wedding indoors to avoid a surprise downpour based on the radar (which, as you’ll see, did wind up happening!), they had a gorgeous wedding ceremony in front of a stunning fireplace, surrounded by their loved ones. That’s a win!

And, while the ceremony was beautiful, as I’ve hinted, their wedding reception was AWESOME! Their friends and family were ready to bring the party, and even invited the wedding vendors to be a part of the celebration on the dance floor. It was a great time, and when we presented Brent + Lindsay with the idea of running out into the rain for a photo session to really cap off their wedding day in bold fashion, they were absolutely game, which made all of our days, including their guests, who cheered them on from the safety of the awning outside!

Brent + Lindsay, thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding day! It was truly an honor to be able to get to know you and capture your rainy day wedding for you. I’m so thankful our paths crossed, and I can’t wait to see where life’s adventures take you in the future!

Also, a huge, huge thank you to Josh Farr of Farr Better Photo for second shooting this wedding with me! You’re incredible, my friend!

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 Choosing an engagement and wedding ring for your future spouse can be one of the most nerve-wracking events of your life, but trust me, your partner is going to LOVE it, because they love you! There are loads of amazing engagement and wedding ring stores in Cincinnati, and they will provide you with endless options to suit your partner’s style and taste. Here, Lindsay has a gorgeous round-cut diamond with a halo around the center stone, complete with a diamond set band. Brent opted for a classy gold and black mens’ wedding band, which perfectly matches his style and personality. No matter what your style, make sure your Cincinnati wedding photographer takes the time to snag your wedding rings and photograph them. It’s a great wedding detail that you’ll be sure to cherish for years to come!

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Rainy Day Wedding - Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

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Rainy Day Wedding - Cincinnati Wedding Photographer - Studio 22 Photography

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