There are so many variables to having a wedding; will you have your wedding indoors, or will you have it outside? Will you have your wedding in the spring, summer, autumn, or winter? Do you need a backup plan, just in case? Beyond all the other questions that come with planning a wedding, one of the questions I hear most often is, “What if I have rain on my wedding day?”

And to that, I say, “Be like Tyler and Taylor, and embrace the rain!”

Tyler + Taylor are two of the most laid back, fun-loving people I’ve met, and their spirit of adventure is inspiring — and something I love in every couple I meet! When their wedding day was a little wet, to say the least, there were people who wondered if they would opt against their fairytale wedding in the woods at Canyon Run Ranch. However, for them, it was a no-brainer: they’d dreamed of this day, of this wedding, and they were going to follow that dream, no matter how it unfolded. So when it rained…and rained…and rained some more, they let everyone know they were welcome to come play in the rain, and that’s just what we did…and man, was it amazing!

From the start of the day, their calm personas kept everyone at ease, and it’s easy to see why they are loved by so many people: they’re genuinely, genuinely wonderful souls. It was a joy to capture them alongside my good friend, Olivier, and upon meeting their families, it became apparent why they’re so amazing — their families are, too! We laughed throughout the day as we celebrated alongside their families, feeling truly welcomed and part of their tribe.

When it came time to head to their ceremony, we hopped on the back of a 4-wheel drive Gator, and bumped our way through the fields, back to a wooded area you had to know was there. Following the signs to the ceremony area, we followed guests who braved the weather, ditching their shoes and donning umbrellas, and it immediately became apparent why Taylor + Tyler loved Canyon Run Ranch and this space. It was GORGEOUS! Nestled back in the woods, where one would have to know how to get there, was a clearing with the most beautiful archway, decorated by Sherwood Florist with fresh flowers, pine benches, and a lush, green canopy overhead to block the rain. It was truly something out of a fairytale, and it was amazing. Their ceremony was just as amazing, as they exchanged vows they’d written themselves, and then were surrounded by cheers and the love of their friends and family as they made their marriage official with a kiss. It was one of the most incredible ceremonies I’ve been a part of, and the day was nowhere near being over!

After the ceremony, Tyler, Taylor, Olivier, and I wandered Canyon Run Ranch’s beautiful grounds, overwhelmed by its beautiful forests, fields, and streams. It’s a place you can get lost, and that’s a wonderful thing. Once we’d played in the rain and created a few portraits, we headed to the reception, where they were greeted with cheers, heartfelt toasts, amazing donuts from Bill’s Donuts (my favorite!), and a rowdy dance party that included one of my favorite guests I’ve ever met — Taylor’s grandpa — getting down on the dance floor, and bringing Olivier and me with him!

There’s nothing like a wedding day, and everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. To witness these two celebrate and embrace every moment of their wedding day — even the rain — was such a joy, and it was an honor to capture their day. Tyler + Taylor, thank you so much for entrusting me with your wedding day, and I wish you two all the best in the world! Enjoy your honeymoon in Italy, and I can’t wait to see the photos you capture on your first adventure together!

Huge thank you to Olivier Lefebvre of Twinography Studio for coming and second shooting with me for this wedding!

 One of the great things about getting married at Canyon Run Ranch in Ohio is all of the magnificent locations to take wedding portraits. Megan Allen loves to find the quiet, secluded spots at your venue for you to love on each other before the chaos of the wedding reception begins.

 Studio 22 Photography believes that detail shots should say something about your day. Megan Allen loves use things from your wedding, from decor to the heel of your shoe to create a shot that says even more about those details.

 At Studio 22 Photography we have all the gear to create crazy lighting in any scenario, but there is something equally as amazing when you get a bridal getting ready portrait in beautiful natural light. Leave it to Megan to find the perfect lighting (natural or created) to make your wedding photos gorgeous!

 Wedding photos should include all members of your family, and that includes your fur babies too.

 Getting ready photos are not just about the bride. Megan wants to tell your entire wedding story and that includes what the groom’s morning looks like as well.

 It is said to be lucky to have rain on your wedding day, and the awe inspiring day that Taylor and Tyler had at Canyon Run Ranch near Dayton, Ohio proved it!

 For better or worse, in sun and in rain… a marriage is not about perfection and so we should not expect the wedding day to be either. Tayler and Tyler embraced what some would see as a disaster and made it even more special! A rainy fall forest wedding was one of the most magical weddings that Studio 22 Photography has photographed.

 I don’t know about you, but at Studio 22 Photography we love it when kids are a part of weddings. Their energy, experiences, and reactions create often times hilarious stories (and photos) years to come. Can we also get a slow clap for the INCREDIBLE florals done by Sherwood Florist?! They look like they are out of a magazine!

 Little reminders on the big day… We adore when our couples and their officiant’s give us free reign to tell a story. This image is a great example of what can happen when Megan is allowed to just find the moments on your wedding day.

 A moment of prayer and reflection within nature is powerful and so meaningful. This moment was made more beautiful only because of the love of these two people.

 At Studio 22 Photography we love personal touches and nothing is more personal than writing your own vows. Taylor and Tyler’s ceremony was so uniquely them and their words to each other just topped the cake.

 Elizabeth Ann Events pulled off such an outstanding forest wedding at Canyon Run Ranch along with Sherwood Florist. It makes our job easy when the venue and the couple look this good!

 The elation of those first few seconds as husband and wife is contagious. Taylor and Tyler just exuded happiness!

 At Studio 22 we love when couples are ready to get dirty and who aren’t afraid to explore and have fun! Taylor and Tyler were superstars, ready willing and excited to get out and adventure at Canyon Run Ranch.

 First steps into a new adventure as husband and wife. Megan adores capturing the little looks between the couple, as well as those in between moments (like walking from one photo location to another).

 At Studio 22 Photography, Megan’s goal is for anyone looking at your photos to feel what you were feeling as if they were experiencing it along side you. This means she take photographs in the moments, not just OF the moments.

 For those of you who are nervous about posing for wedding portraits, do not worry Megan makes sure to keep things fun and comfortable so that you can just enjoy your time together while she captures the moments.

Rain on Wedding Day - Canyon Run Ranch

 Sneaking a moment to yourselves can create portraits that are perfectly you! Megan makes sure that she is always on the lookout for those little moments.

Rain on Wedding Day - Studio 22 Photography - Canyon Run Ranch

Sherwood Florist - Canyon Run Ranch Weddings

 Small details that only the two of you know about make for something special to share for years to come, let Megan capture it for you!

Canyon Run Ranch Wedding Day - Barn Wedding

 Celebrating two genuine people with some of the most wonderful family and friends out there. It was no shock to us that Taylor and Tyler had such a great group of people celebrating with them. The speeches said exactly what we expected and we felt so privledged to b ea part of this day.

Rain on wedding day - Barn Wedding Ohio

Canyon Run Ranch Wedding Day

First Dance at Canyon Run Ranch

 Now that the serious part is done it is time to let loose and have fun! Megan loves nothing more than being able to photography a great wedding reception and people having the time of their lives!

Wedding Receptions at Canyon Run Ranch

 The core of what makes amazing weddings is the emotions shared by everyone. The love celebrated isn’t just between the couple, but all the guests as well. Megan Allen makes it her mission to show this in all her photographs.

Canyon Run Ranch Weddings

Canyon Run Ranch - Rain on Wedding Day



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