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Nick + Rami

"Words cannot describe how thankful we are that we found Megan and Studio 22; but I will try. Having a good photographer was a priority for us. We needed somebody with personality and creativity. Somebody to take risks, think outside of the box, and somebody who has that inherit "spark". We found that in Megan.

Everyone at my wedding (who referred to Megan as Laura Croft) was impressed by her ability to direct people for group pictures, her daring, and her personality. The biggest comment was "She knew what she was doing." After seeing just a few of the images she took that day, I am inclined to agree. She certainly knows what she is doing. 

If you are currently choosing between photographers, save yourself the trouble and just call Megan. We already did the work for you. She will do things with her camera that you didn't know possible. She will keep you laughing no matter what. She will probably sing songs from Hamilton through the entire event. Yet, most importantly she will provide you with the best pictures that money can buy."


Feature 2

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Kortney + Sarah

"Where to begin.....Megan is truly one of a kind. Looking for a photographer was one of the more stressful parts of planning our wedding because we are both control freaks. Thinking about giving someone complete creative control over such an important piece of our day was a struggle! We first contacted Megan via her website to learn more information and view her work. We met with her to chat about the process and we completely clicked. It felt like we had known her for years. It was so easy to tell that she is passionate, talented and it seemed as if she cared about our wedding day experience almost as much as we did.

When I emailed her to say we wanted to book her, I could feel her excitement radiate through my computer screen. We wandered around a local park for our engagement pictures and were astonished at her ability to see the potential for a beautiful shot. She even went so far as to wade into a freezing cold creek to get the shot she wanted. She is so great at making you feel comfortable in front of a camera, and she made it easy for us to trust her and trust the process.

She exceeded all of our expectations from beginning to end. Not only was she our wedding photographer but we happily call her a friend. If only we could get married again, we would choose Megan a thousand times over. You won't be disappointed."