Hey, I'm Megan! If you're here, it probably means you're on the hunt for a photographer in Columbus, Cincinnati, or some fantastic destination in our beautiful world, and it's my hope that you've enjoyed what you've seen thus far. I'm Studio 22, and while I love for my photos to do the talking, I hear an "about me" page is somewhat important, here it is!

Growing up in the midwest, I played basketball, snowboarded, and loved to travel and connect with others all over the globe. My love of adventure and one chance, game time decisions has found its way into my career today as a wedding photographer, as I love the opportunities to connect with amazing couples, catch the fleeting moments of a fast paced wedding day, and have a ridiculously good time doing it. At home, I'm convinced I have the two best guys in the world under my roof with me in my husband and son, and we have a hilariously opinionated French Bulldog named Hamilton (Yes, after the musical. My son named him), who thinks he rules the house (which, don't tell my husband, but he kind of does).

My goal as a Columbus wedding photographer and destination wedding photographer is to capture your moments -- the energy, the excitement, and the raw emotions that come from such an exciting day as starting your life with the person you want by your side as your partner for the rest of the crazy adventures you find yourselves on. Those memories are so very precious, and they deserve to be captured with the authenticity that is YOU. So take a deep breath. Don't stress. I got you. Whether it be problem solving on the day, being an advocate for you, or simply teaching you how to do the most epic champagne spray ever for the sake of a photo (yes...this is a skill that I proudly boast and can teach you), my hope is that I can be an asset to you during your wedding planning, your wedding day, and beyond. Because come some point you're going to need to be reminded how to throw that champagne shower down.

So hey, if you think we could have fun wandering together or throwing down the wobble on the dance floor, all while creating bold, fearless photos that show your true selves, let's connect. I want to hear about how we can create images that are uniquely you, tell your story, and celebrate your lives.

(Just save me a piece of that wedding cake. or wedding donut. Or whatever dessert you provide. I'm fueled by adventure, coffee, and carbs.)

Couple looks out over cliff at sunset in Dayton, Ohio by Dayton Wedding Photographer Studio 22 Photography