You've got questions. Good. Let's dig deep.

+ What's your style?

Fantastic question. My style is an eclectic mix of photojournalism, creativity, and a little bit of crazy (in a good way). I aim to capture your intimate moments with respect and ninja-like stealth whenever possible, and then I dive on the dance floor with you with as much excitement as you and your guests. I help guide you into situations that culminate in beautiful portraits that convey your love for one another, without them looking like the cheeseball photos we all fear we'll be a part of. (No really, I promise I'll tell you if you look cheesy. Ain't nobody got time for that.) In the end, using a little bit of magic juju and a lot bit of awesome from the two of you, we'll create bold, refreshing images that change the way people see wedding photography.

+ We're kinda awkward. Like, really awkward. Can you help us?

Um, absolutely! I love people who think they're awkward. No, really. You're usually the best at being real, authentic, and just a heck of a lot of fun! You do you...enjoy each other! I encourage couples to do a "date night," and I'll tag along. Let's hit a coffee shop, or your favorite microbrewery, and grab some tapas. Afterward, let's wander. When you're just having fun with each other, I'll sneak in and do my thing, and we'll have great images from our time together. From climbing trees, to wading through streams, to kayaking the Colorado River, I'm down to wander with you and create every part of the day. And I promise it won't be as awkward as you think!

+ What's a wedding day feel like with you?

Like a lot of fun! My goal is to come in to your day with respect for your family, friends, and moments you'll share with them. We'll have a blast, and I'm always searching for ways to make your day easier and less stressful. My goal is to be inobtrusive during intimate moments, ninja-stealth mode during your ceremony, and then we'll turn it up and have a great time at your reception. Throughout your day, I'll make sure to be respectful and mindful, and still capture your moments in ways that will take you back to that point in time when you look back on your photos.

+ How many images will we receive?

This is a great question, and the answer varies each wedding. However, on average, a standard 8 hour wedding will receive approximately 500-700 images. The amount of images many times reflects how much fun you're all having, so if you're having a blast, I promise I'll be documenting the mess out of it for you!

+ When will we get our images?

Turnaround time for your photos will be 6-8 weeks, and you'll definitely be getting teasers along that process as well!

+ Can You Hold our date for us?

I'm sorry, but no. To ensure your date is yours, I require a contract and a retainer. Once those two pieces are in place, the day is yours, and I only take on one wedding per day, no matter what collection you choose.

+ Do you travel?

Heck yes! I absolutely LOVE traveling. Passport in hand, I've traveled to Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and all over the continental US for weddings and portraits, and I would love to capture your moments for you, no matter where you are in the world. Let's do this!

+ Okay, you seem like a pretty cool human. How do we book you?

AWESOME! I think you're a pretty cool human, too. The process to book is pretty email me and let me know it's time to get this party started, and I'll send you your contract. It's all online, so you can sign it, and it'll send you to a page to pay your retainer, and BAM. Done. And then it's time to have some fun!