OhSnap GIF


Step up your photo booth game with animated GIFs! 

A Fresh Twist on Your Wedding Photo Booth

OhSnap GIF is a fun, fresh new way to entertain your guests with more than just a simple photo booth: it’s animated GIFs sent straight to their phones to share with everyone! With its portability and simple, inviting aesthetic, your guests will be entertained and keep coming back for more throughout the night. And, with the immediate texts straight to their devices, they’re sure to share your fun with everyone right then and there. Talk about making an impression!

With its minimalist design, there’s no need for large backdrops or booths that take up space in your reception. Point OhSnap GIF toward your dance floor, and let your party be the background for all the fun! Place the OhSnap GIF in the direction of your guests, and watch them walk up in curiosity, then bring their friends back for more fun throughout the night.

The best part of OhSnap GIF is the sharing in real time. No taking pictures of the print-outs your guests will lose, and no overhead costs for you for ink and paper. OhSnap GIF sends your guests photos right where they want them — straight to their mobile devices — for immediate sharing and tagging. Get your hashtag ready; your guests will want to use it with these fun, animated images from your special day.

Why OhSnap GIF?

Because who DOESN’T want to make a fun impression on all your friends and family?! You want a fun party that your guests will enjoy, and you want to be able to look back on all the shenanigans. OhSnap GIF provides both of those, and you’ll have a blast with the results.

How is OhSnap GIF different than every other photo booth?

You’ve seen the wedding photo booths at plenty of weddings, and you’re probably tossed your share of those photo booth prints away after taking a snap of them to share on social media. Cut to the chase and provide your guests the fun of a GIF and the real time sharing opportunity with OhSnap GIF, and watch your event come to life!

What about props? Attendants? Do we need to pay for those?

Heck no! With OhSnap GIF, it’s fully automated, so no need to pay for attendants. If you’d like props, you’re welcome to bring some, but you’ll find that OhSnap GIF provides entertainment by simply allowing your guests to dance and wiggle their way through the GIF all on their own!

What about prints?

No need to pay for ink and prints your guests will lose or toss by the end of the night. OhSnap GIF cuts to the chase by sending your guests’ GIFs and photos straight to their mobile devices for immediate sharing, and after the event is over, you’re able to see all the silliness in your own gallery as well! Win!


$600 — Full Reception Coverage


• Unlimited GIFs and photos to be uploaded to your event gallery immediately
• Instant delivery of GIFs and photos to your guests
• Unlimited sharing on social media
• Bulk downloads of your GIFs and images after the event is finished


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