Turks + Caicos. Thailand. Mexico. The past month has been utterly insane! There’s hardly been a chance to stop and think about what time zone I was in, which hotel to go to, or what was coming next. But, I wouldn’t dream of having it any other way. And, having Lance + Rachel’s stunning Cancun wedding on the beach of Riviera Maya was the cherry on top an already incredible month!

      These two beautiful souls are truly incredible, their friends and family are beyond a blast. Their fantastic welcome dinner was filled with acoustic requests fulfilled by their friend Alexis. At any given moment you could hear raucous laughter erupt from the pools, which were filled with their loved ones. And, as the wedding neared, you could sense the shift in the excitement. Switching from a carefree laughter, to the nervous excitement that comes with the moment before you lay your eyes on your future spouse. It was a joy to see the sweet anticipation that emanated from Lance + Rachel before their first look. As Rachel laid her hand on Lance’s shoulder for the first time that day, you could see the excitement and joy wash over the both of them.

      But tears of joy didn’t end there! Their ceremony was a tear jerker, even for a ceremony-hardened soul like mine, and Rachel’s vows to the kids left everyone in tears — me included! But, after the ceremony, that’s when the real magic happened. Cancun gave us an incredible sunset, which led us into a fantastic night of partying, complete with a light up dance floor!

      And man, do these two know how to light up a dance floor, with or without the LED assistance! Lance + Rachel practiced their stunning first dance moves during their portrait session, making sure they perfected each and every step. When it was time to show off their moves for their guests, they shined! And, inviting everyone to get in on the action, that light-up dance floor was full the rest of the night!

      Lance + Rachel, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your day for you. It was truly the best way to cap off an incredible month of travel, and I can’t wait to share more of your images with you!

      Also, I would be absolutely remiss to not mention how incredible Citlalli Rico was to come and shoot this wedding with me, on short notice (as in I texted her mid-flight to Cancun, asking her what she was up to in 2 days time, lol), and then she saved the day when some gear went crazy. Seriously, this woman is beyond incredible, both as a photographer and as an amazing human being. Citlalli, I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and for sharing your utterly insane talent!


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