Where to begin for Jake + Krysta! These two are so fantastic. Jake and I have been friends since we were toddlers, and growing up, our families were always interacting and spending time with one another. Basically, over the years, Jake has become like a brother to me, and always been a fantastic friend. When he and Krysta got married, my husband and I lived in Wisconsin, so I didn’t have a chance to meet her until we moved back to Ohio. And, upon meeting her, I jokingly told Jake he’d been relegated to being my second favorite Stefanow, and my favorite now just so happens to be his wife! 

In the fall of 2013, Krysta asked me to take photos for her and Jake for their Christmas cards. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, but I had an entry level DSLR, and they were my friends, so I said sure. We went out, had a blast, and little did I know that would be the moment that would begin the creation of Studio 22. After photographing them, I realized how much I adored interacting with couples and capturing their excitement of being together. The play off one another, the true joy of beginning their lives together, and just the fun of hanging out with great people was, and will always be, some of my favorite aspects of being a wedding and engagement photographer. Once I realized this was something I was passionate about, I devoured every educational resource I could find, signed up for Cliff Mautner’s Lighting & Skill set Bootcamp (Check out my review of that amazing opportunity HERE), and have tried to absorb as much from industry professionals as possible. It’s been such a fantastic journey, and it’s been wonderful to develop friendships with fantastic creatives along the way.

So when Mike + Alison of Happy Kamper Films and I decided to collaborate to create a promotional video for Studio 22, I knew that I wanted Jake + Krysta to be featured in the video. Their natural playfulness, joy at being with one another, and their caring nature not only for each other, but others, are some of the many wonderful traits these two possess, and I’m thankful to call them friends. The friendships forged over a lifetime are some that are so wonderful, and I’m so happy he found such a wonderful woman to share life with. Krysta is compassionate, kindhearted, and always ready for a good girls’ date over coffee, which I absolutely adore about her! 

Below are a few of the stills captured while filming the promo video. These two are so fantastic together, so I’ll just let their images do the talking. Thanks, you two, for being the spark to begin Studio 22, for coming out and hanging with Mike, Alison, and I to film, and most of all, thanks for being fantastic friends. You pretty much rock. And, if my brides are looking for a fantastic videographer for their weddings, look no further than Happy Kamper Films. They’re absolutely fantastic, and have such a creative vision for the stories they tell. They create some of the most fantastic wedding videos I have ever seen! It was an honor to get to collaborate with them, and stay tuned for the Studio 22 promo! 🙂



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