Sometimes there are couples that come along, that you just connect with on all levels. You become friends, and start sending each other ridiculous GIFs, and you wind up connecting with their friends for weddings while you’re out in California (Tenia, I can’t wait for your wedding!), watching them get their makeup done, and doing laps around the mall to catch imaginary Pokemon with zero judgement. You go out on the day of the shoot, waking up before the sun even thought about rising, absolutely slay the first location, then suggest driving 4 hours out to Yosemite…and they say yes.

Because they’re just that awesome.

Being a destination wedding photographer, I get the unbelievable honor to get to know amazing couples embarking on one of the most important journeys of their lives. Getting to know my couples and be a part of their process, their wedding planning, and ultimately, building a relationship with them through this season of their life, is something I really cherish more than I can being to express. When couples like Lee + Tera let me into their lives to capture their excitement, it’s seriously the best thing I could ever ask for. The above are just some of the things that happened the weekend I went to San Francisco and hung out with Lee + Tera, who are two of the most game for anything people I’ve gotten the honor of working with. From the moment I stepped out of my Lyft ride and found Tera’s welcome note to me in their flat, to when we wound up driving 8 hours round trip in one day to Yosemite, all the while chasing the sun and creating some killer images, every moment was a blast. I found myself doubled over laughing at Lee’s jokes and Tera’s quick wit. Their drive and commitment to having an adventure during their engagement session, and the way they cheered each other on and truly LOVED one another throughout the day was a pleasure to document. When two people are crazy about one another, it shows in the photos. And, below you’ll find that it really, really shows.

Lee + Tera, I’m so ridiculously excited for your wedding in July, and I know it’s going to be one heck of a day, if San Francisco was any indication of how fantastic of people you are. I’m thrilled to have built such a fun relationship with you, and tell Lee that when you’re late night texting, it’s just your photographer. He’ll get used to it. 😉



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