Winters in Ohio can be unpredictable, but one thing is true no matter what the weather: my couples who throw their parties at Top of the Market are ALWAYS the best parties, and it was no different when it came to Max + Meghan! These two have hilarious friends, amazing family, and they had a beautiful downtown winter wedding day that was an absolute blast for Jess and I to capture.

Calling on some of my favorite vendors, Meghan started her day with her closest friends and family surrounding her as Caralee and her team from Sweetly Pinned made everyone stunning for the big day, and Sherwood Florist provided stunning florals. And, as Meghan prepared, her brother, Matt, was absolutely incredible as he helped everything move smoothly, kept everyone on point, and was just a ridiculously fun person to spend a day with. Not to be one-uppeed, though, the guys with Max were amazing as well, full of pranks and laughter. Throughout the day, both Max + Meghan, and all of their wedding party, were a true joy to be with.

Opting to wait to see one another until the ceremony, excitement rose the closer the ceremony came to beginning, and as each of the wedding party walked down the aisle, they stopped to hug Max, giving him congratulations and an encouraging embrace. When Meghan entered the warehouse at Top of the Market and began down the aisle, though, the genuine, joyful smiles (and did I detect a hint of a tear from Max?) from both Max and Meghan were everything. This was what they’d been waiting for!

And, once the ceremony was finished, it was time to turn up…and like any amazing Top of the Market wedding reception, they knew how to TURN UP! With all of their friends and family packing the dance floor, thanks to Corey and the Party Pleasers, we had a blast capturing the dancing that ensued for the rest of the night. From start to finish, Max + Meghan had an incredible day, and it was so much fun to get to capture their memories for them.

Max + Meghan, thank you so much for trusting me with your wedding day! It was an honor to get to be your photographer, and I want to thank my great friend, Jess, for coming down from Canada to shoot with me for this incredible day. We had a blast with the two of you, and we wish you all the best in your adventures together!

Top of the Market - Downtown Winter Wedding - Studio 22 Photography

 While brides often have a team of women helping them get ready for the big moment, grooms are usually quite happy to take care of that part themselves. That doesn’t mean it isn’t also worth capturing. Megan Allen at Studio 22 Photography always finds a way to capture the groom preparing for the ceremony.

 Weddings are one of the few rituals we still carry forward with so much preparation and anticipation. The morning of the wedding, all of the excitement and business is so much fun for Megan Allen to capture. From girls nervously chatting away, to makeup and hair, the room is always filled with so much emotion and fun!

 Choose your friends wisely, and your bridal party even more carefully. When it comes to capturing the groomsmen on a wedding day Megan has come to realize there is never a shortage of antics and hilarity. Since she knows this, her camera is already set and ready for that moment when something worth documenting happens to pop up in a regular moment.

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Top of the Market Weddings - Downtown Winter Wedding

Downtown Winter Wedding - Dayton Wedding Photographers - Studio 22 Photography

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Downtown Winter Wedding

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Top of the Market Weddings - Downtown Winter Wedding - Studio 22 Photography



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